Mince pies, port and cheese – feet up with Sitons’ 2016 article round up

2016 has been another cracking year for paddling with plenty to entice newbs and originals onto the brine for a float. As the year draws to its inevitable conclusion here’s a round up of the articles we’ve published during the last 12 months. If you’ve missed anything now’s your chance to catch up, reminisce and look forward to 2017’s brand new season. All that’s left to say it Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – see you on the other side.

First up, and quite apt considering the current time of year, we ran down a bunch of our favourite winter holiday paddling spots. If you’re looking for trip inspiration then why not hit this article up as it’s still relevant.


Islander Kayaks’ Calypso has been a staple part of the Sitons fleet for a number of seasons. With all round versatility we published the long overdue review which you can find by hitting the following link.


Another favourite of Sitons Fatyak’s popular Kaafu all round paddling machine was upgraded by the brand as the Adventure S model. Stealthy in black we put the AS Kaafu through its paces to see what differences to the original were on offer.


‘It’s easy when you know how’ so the saying goes. Something which is directly applicable to loading up a kayak trolley with you sled. As such we ran through a basic ‘how to’ in the following article.


Weather. It’s a phenomenon that affects us all. But there’s more to it than that for us paddlers. Knowing how to interpret weather forecasts for specific launches is key to maximising your time on the brine. We addressed the topic which should hopefully give you further insight.


As many kayakers will know sit on kayaking isn’t just about paddling coastal venues, inland waterways are also perfect for SOT fun. We discussed the option in the following article.


With so much choice available choosing the correct kayak can be a nightmare sometimes. As such we run down a few tips to help you on your merry way.


Hayling Island (Sitons HQ) features the Round Hayling Island Kayak Charity Event each year. We reported on proceedings that took place in June.


Tootega introduced their Hydrolite weight saving technology and we reviewed their HL version of the brand’s popular Kinetic 100 in said construction.


One of our most popular articles though was Chris Bell’s thorough and in depth of GoPro camera mounting positions for sit on paddlers. Super comprehensive this is one article not to miss!


Other highlights included –

Yak XIPE buoyancy aid review: www.sitons.com/articles/snug-yet-practical-yak-xipe-buoyancy-aid-review/

Teaching your kids to kayak: www.sitons.com/articles/teaching-your-kids-kayak-tips-smooth-ride/

Sit on kayak white water rock hopping – www.sitons.com/articles/rock-dropping-sit-kayak-white-water-hopping/

And don’t forget to check out our other articles, of which there are plenty to keep you entertained during the Christmas holidays. Stay tune for more in 2017!





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