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Dagger Roam 9.5

Roaming free – Dagger Roam 9.5 Review When the Roam 9.5 first arrived at our office I have to admit that I didn’t quite know what to make of it. On the surface it is a fairly broad nine and a half foot kayak fitted with a great seat and foot pegs. My initial thought was a small, comfortable fishing kayak stripped back for general purpose use. That sounded rather unlikely from Dagger, and a closer look left me with some questions: Why the rounded hull? What’s with the skeg? And what is the deal with these thigh straps?...

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Tootega Kinetic 100

Kinetic energy – Tootega Kinetic 100 review Ask most prospective sit on top kayak buyers what they’re looking for in a kayak and the answer will be something along the lines of: ‘An all-rounder that is fun in waves, still tours well and is small enough to easily lift onto the roof of my car’. It’s no surprise that 10ft all-rounders have become a best seller for many sit on top kayak brands. What is impressive is how different manufacturers interpret the brief differently – each baking their own personality into the mould. Tootega are a relatively new name...

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Kayaking with kids – tips for getting them hooked

Let’s face it: the attention span of a typical prepubescent child is normally akin to a firework on Guy Fawkes Night… A burst of energy with a huge amount of fizz, but fleeting and short lived. If you’re thinking about kayaking with kids & you’re an enthusiastic family-focused parent who loves nothing better than a float about on the briny, how do you convince your kids to get involved with your favourite sport sit on kayaking? Inland waterways V Coast With the British Isles having abundant access to water, siton kayaking is the perfect watersport to get the whole...

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