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GoPro Session & Hero Black comparison

It’s no secret here at Sitons we’re huge aficionados of GoPro action cams. Hit up any of our equipment reviews and chances are there’ll be images snapped using one. For us, and many other sites conducting sit on top kit reviews, they’re an essential tool in the absence of ‘proper’ photographers shooting from land/water. For the majority of Sitons’ existence it’s been the standard Hero (in various guises) model that’s served the purpose well. Recently, however, we laid hands on the brand’s cubed Session. Here’s how the two stack up against one another. First looks Both the Session and...

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Winter paddling tips for sit on kayakers

As summer slowly gives way to autumn and winter temperatures start to drop and weather becomes less favourable to float missions with your sit on kayak. Perhaps you’re contemplating sitting out the off season and waiting for spring next year. Alternatively you may be looking to carry on with your paddling but not sure how to go about it. In most cases there are ways to keep the kayak juices flowing and getting out there amongst it. Here are a few tips to help you achieve successful and fulfilling kayaking over the following months. Pick your days This one...

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Kayaking with kids – tips for getting them hooked

Let’s face it: the attention span of a typical prepubescent child is normally akin to a firework on Guy Fawkes Night… A burst of energy with a huge amount of fizz, but fleeting and short lived. If you’re an enthusiastic family-focused parent who loves nothing better than a float about on the briny, how do you convince your kids to get involved with your favourite sport sit on kayaking? Inland waterways V Coast With the British Isles having abundant access to water, siton kayaking is the perfect watersport to get the whole family into. It’s easy to learn, with...

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