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Kayak Disciplines & Categories

Different (paddle) strokes for different folks… One of the reasons that kayaking is such a great water sport is the sheer diversity that it offers. Many people believe that sitting in or on a plastic craft and meandering along a tranquil stretch of water is the pinnacle of ‘yaking. For some, that may be the case; but once you have mastered the basics, it needn’t stop there! There are plenty of routes you can take. Here’s a short summary of the wide range of kayak disciplines on offer. Touring/adventure paddling Kayaking is described by historians as one the first...

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Tootega Pulse 95

Being slightly bigger than its smaller Pulse 85 brethren, the Pulse 95 offer all round paddling frolics for whatever discipline takes your fancy. Super manoeuvrable in a surf environment but also great for venturing off to undiscovered locations. Perfect stability, comfort and versatility, the Pulse 95 will get you to where you need to be. The Pulse is lightweight & durable.  The well balanced carry handles make it easy to lift onto a car roof rack & carry down to the beach. With built in anchor points, there’s plenty of scope to add accessories to suit your paddling needs....

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Tootega Sector 110

The Sector 110 is a versatile and stable touring kayak that is perfect all your exploratory mission needs. Featuring a wealth of storage space for all your essential belongings, this design will get to your destination in style and as efficiently as possible. The plan shape design means that speed and acceleration are fantastic with the nose cutting through chop and rougher waters with ease. TOOTEGA SECTOR 110 FEATURES Fittings for Backrest Grab Lines Integrated Carry Handles Storage Hatch Stowing Mesh TOOTEGA SECTOR 110 DETAILS Manufacturer Hull Type Length Width Weight Max Load Seating Tootega Standard 3.30m 0.75m 24.00kg 140.00kg Solo...

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