Category: Where to kayak

Lake Vyrnwy, Powys

To launch you kayak it will cost you £4.50 for the day. You will be issued with a flag and a whistle from the boat house. You are restricted to a certain area of the reservoir, nevertheless, its still a pretty decent size areas...

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Horseshoe Lake, Hampshire

I took my cub-scout group there one evening and to see 25 kids having one whale of a laugh for a couple of hours was fantastic. Strongly recommended How to get there: It is hiden away a bit round the back of Sandhurst,...

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Loe Beach, Truro

Loe Beach is a sheltered, and fairly safe, sand and shingle beach that’s great for swimming, kayaking and other watersports such as sailing and windsurfing. Loe Beach Watersports Centre hire kayaks right at the put in spot so...

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Selsey, West Sussex

Selsey has some of the most treacherous waters along the south coast. Get it wrong with the tide, weather or have limited paddling experience and you could end up in a spot of bother. That said, it’s actually a pretty good area...

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Lough Neagh

Legend has it that Lough Neagh was created when Finn McColl, the fabled Irish giant, scooped out a pile of land and threw it at a Scottish rival who was trying to escape via the Giants Causeway. He missed and the land ended up...

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Llangennith, Gower Peninsula

Llangennith is what local surfers call the ‘indicator’ break for the area. If there’s a not a lump here then you can guarantee it’s flat everywhere. When the waves turn on and start to pump, Llangennith is possibly one of the...

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