‘Surfing’ these days is such an ambiguous term. Traditionally it refers to riders atop boards, dropping into waves and weaving along liquid walls. It’s a very different story more recently, however. Anyone choosing to ride swell, in whatever craft they choose, is now good for the surfing monicker being attached – and rightly so.

Not everyone wants to go through the (sometimes) arduous process of learning to pop up, stand and carve on a board. With time a limiting factor and daily responsibilities often getting in the way most people want plug ‘n’ play performance. Sit on kayaks offer this, and all in a fairly safe way. Riders don’t need big swells and can often be having as much fun when conditions are less than favourable.

Sitons.com fan Iain Cobb sent us these awesome pics of a group having immense fun in some Minehead juice. The guys are all using Perception Scooters and thorughly having a whale of a time, which is what it’s all about. Just check out the stoked grins on faces. It’s enough to make us jump in our van and head out for a float. In fact, we’re off…In the meantime enjoy the gallery.

Photos: Iain Cobb