It’s just days away – the annual paddle and watersports festival that’s held in Brighton every year – Paddle Round the Pier.

Featuring plenty of things to keep all the family entertained from watersports taster sessions, demos, races, live music and exhibitors, Paddle Round the Pier 2013 is set to be the biggest and best yet.

Paddle round the what?

Back in 1996 a group of surfers in the Brighton area banded together to form the very first Paddle Round the Pier event which aimed to raise money for charity by, literally, paddling around Brighton pier.

After being founded by Dave Samuels the event went on to become one of the premier summer watersports get togethers and now boasts visitors from wide and far.

The charities that the event supports have been numerous – and with competition prizes now in excess off £12k and the money raised for worthy causes exceeding £150, 000, Paddle Round the Pier continues to go from strength to strength.

Paddle Round the Pier 2013 3

What can I paddle?

You can literally paddle any type of craft you care to. If it floats and you can paddle it then game on!

However, for the main Paddle Round the Pier event it has to be sit on kayaks that lend themselves perfectly to completing the challenge in the most efficient manner possible. Being able to cut through chop, maintain speed and be agile enough to manoeuvre quickly, sit on kayaks are poised to be the overall podium finishers at this year’s gathering – maybe…

However, if you don’t have access to a kayak, your offspring have nicked your one and only boat, or if you’ve never been inclined previously to take on the challenge then grab the nearest barn door and, as long as it floats, then it’s good to go.


If you fancy some dry land entertainment then Paddle Round the Pier 2013 has a wide variety of things to keep everyone entertained in the PRTP exhibition area.

There will be beach tennis, a muscle beach, the Kamikaze Tarp Surfing crew, slalom skateboarding and the Animal WD40 Action Sports Mountain Bike Tour – just to name a few.

Plus a wide and varied bunch of stands with brands and companies all airing their wares and services for your viewing pleasure.

Also for those of a musical bent, don’t forget the full line up of bands and artists that Paddle Round the Pier 2013 will be featuring. The jam packed two day music extravaganza is worth a visit to Paddle Round the Pier in its own right!

A charity event

Paddle Round the Pier is a charity focused event and over the years has supported a number of worthy causes and this year PRTP will be donating to the RNLI, Winstons Wish and Surf Action.

The RNLI proves a much needed service and every year makes dozens of rescues in and around our coastline. Winstons Wish is the leading childhood bereavement charity in the UK while Surf Action helps service men and women get back on with their lives using surfing as a tool for rejuvenation and rehabilitation.

Rain or shine

Whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at PRTP 2013 the show will most definitely be going on with plenty to keep all visitors entertained.

Get yourself along to Paddle Round the Pier 2013 and be part of this great watersports festival. For more information, visit the PRTP website.