One of the biggest bonuses of owning a sit on top kayak is the amount of storage you get on board. This is perfect for those who fancy a bit of adventure paddling – being able to stow all your belongings is a God send – kayak fisherman who have lots of equipment and those of us who simply fancy taking a picnic afloat. A slight drawback, however, to stowing things in open fore and aft tankwells is the moisture issue. If you want your kit to stay dry then it’ll need packing down into a drybag. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to utilise this space and not rely on drybags? Well, step forward Fatyak’s Kaddy storage pod.

Fatyak Kaddy 7

Manufactured from the same materials as the brand’s sit on top kayaks the Kaddy is a deep enclosed tank that fits snuggly into the cut out of the popular Kaafu. OK, you’ll need a Fatyak boat to get the best fit, but you can’t deny the secure and safe storage properties the Kaddy offers for a wide range of kit. Being as it’s summer we thought we’d check out the Kaddy during a leisurely social paddle to our offshore sandbank. Loading up with all manner of beverages the Kaddy made a great storage space for a plethora of drinks and snacks – the closable pod also meant that everything kept cool under the sun. Obviously we’re not condoning irresponsible kayaking but with regular paddle and pint nights happening around the country we thought taking our own would open up a few more routes. Fitting snuggly into the Kaafu’s tail recess the Kaddy is solid in most weather states and doesn’t jiggle around. It’s worth mentioning that the more stuff you put in the Kaddy the more the Kaafu’s back end tends to sink. Therefore on particularly laden trips paddlers will be putting in more effort. You could counter balance the Kaddy’s load by utilising the front compartment. Again though this will add weight but the Kaafu’s design means whatever you load up with, everything remains composed.

Fatyak Kaddy 8

The Kaddy’s close hatch has a length of chain keeping the lid from being lost. It’s worth making sure, however, this is on tight. There’s quite a lot of space within the Kaddy and it’d be unfortunate for this to fill with water! One thing we’d like to see with the Kaddy is a smaller rear hatch. This would make retrieving stuff a little easier. Currently you have to reach quite a way back, from the main opening, to get at needed items – it’s definitely worth giving thought to packing. The design’s moulded carry handles and fixed D-rings, allowing even more pimping of your ride, and are particularly nifty though.

Fatyak Kaddy 7


A well manufactured accessory from Fatyak, their Kaddy is great for loading up with all manner of gear for your paddling adventures. Although you can ‘make’ the Kaddy fit a bunch of other boats it’s primary partner is the Kaafu which does limit versatility a little. Having said that, with the opportunity of stowing kit sans drybags is a great idea. Use it for paddling adventures, social days on the water or kayak fishing – it’s a product worth getting hold of if you already own a Kaafu.