It hasn’t been the driest of weeks this last few in the UK. Although warm (ish) there’s been off kilter weather (pessimists would say typical) summery conditions that requires ample protection if going afloat for paddling antics.

Even when sizzling temps hit being on the brine can still envelope kayakers in a chill – after all, this UK isn’t the tropics. So in almost all cases some degree of protection against the elements will be needed.

North Coast Wetsuits leggings and thermal rashvest review 7

We’ve used North Coast Westuits product in the past and appreciate the performance of each design. It was therefore welcome to lay hands on the brand’s latest piece of neoprene coverage in the form of NCW leggings and thermal rashvest.

Manufactured from high grade material these are great when paired, for instance. Sometimes air and water temps are such that a full on wetsuit or drysuit isn’t needed – but something is. And that’s where a system like NCW’s leggings and rashie would come in.

North Coast Wetsuits leggings and thermal rashvest review 8

Able to fend off moisture and prevent evaporative cooling this garb is good for summer and also a worthy option for warmer days during shoulder seasons. During winter, when more layers may be needed, it’s possible to ‘system’ the leggings and rashie up further and wear beneath your standard steamer – especially if you think you may be immersed at points, such as when kayak surfing. We wouldn’t recommend beneath a drysuit as you’ll be too sticky – a base layer will better here. But in most ‘wet’ situations NCW’s threads will work a treat.

Having used both garments for a few weeks now we can attest to their durability. Shrugging off nicks without issue NCW’s leggings are robust and fit rougher environments such as rocky coastlines or shingly beaches. The brand’s thermal rashvest the same.

North Coast Wetsuits leggings and thermal rashvest review 9

Snug fitting and warm is standard with the addition of drawstring tightener on NCW’s leggings and additional built in hood on the rashie. (We’d recommend keeping this for the coldest days of winter rather than Ninja’ing up in summer!).

All in NCW deliver another couple of examples of bona fide performance orientated waterwear that won’t break the bank. As a home grown brand with affordable prices we’d certainly recommend both the leggings and thermal rashvest. Able to fit a variety of paddling scenarios and seasons this would be welcome kit in most sit on kayaker’s toy box.


Leggings – £36

Thermal rashvest – £31.89