The GoSea Angler Stealth is one of those fishing kayaks that just begs you to get on board and head off on a little fishing expedition. Featuring a generous rear tank well storage space with secure bungee and a front located stowage hatch, there is ample room for all your angling kit provisions. The deep cockpit provides the user with a secure and inboard feel that inspires confidence during longer journeys. The Angler Stealth is perfect for day fishing trips – with hopefully a decent fishy meal to top off proceedings at the end of the day.

GoSea Angler Stealth FEATURES

  • Carry Toggles
  • Drinks Holder
  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Rod Holder
  • Storage Hatch
  • Stowing Mesh

GoSea Angler Stealth DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
GoSea KayaksStandard2.78m0.78m22.00kg120.00kgSolo




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