The Scapa is a new generation “hybrid” kayak and features a unique cockpit closure system which keeps you dry and warm during off-season or rough-water paddling sessions, but is easily removed for warmer, quieter paddling.

With excellent speed, the Scapa is a true sport boat designed and built for fast cruising and physical conditioning. What’s more, it’s an excellent
boat for learning sea kayaking. Even in difficult sea conditions, the Scapa holds its course thanks to its superb glide and reassuring stability.


  • A high performance sea kayak designed for fitness and optimum long-distance paddling
  • Narrow hull shape with fine profiled tips for high efficiency paddling
  • Wide rear storage area with integral criss-cross elasticated straps for carrying maximum equipment
  • Adjustable foot rests to suit all sizes of paddler and paddle positions
  • Anti-slip bow, stern and lateral carry handles
  • Ergonomic anti-slip seats
  • Integral survival lines make getting back on board simple
  • Watertight forward hatch included as standard for increased equipment storage space
  • Tough TST thermoformed construction to ensure maximum usage in maximum safety
  • 100% Made in France
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life to respect the environment


ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
Bic SportStandard4.40m0.66m23.00kg130.00kgSolo




  1. Kevin Hill

    I purchased a scapa second
    I purchased a scapa second hand for the (Australian) summer and have had many outings since for both paddling and fishing.
    I am 110 KG and 6’3″ so I get near to pushing the limits of this yak when I have my fishing rig on board but still feel safe.
    The forward blank round “childs seat” has been cut out and replaced with an 8″ hatch and bag which for me is a must to keep the car key, phone, snacks etc.
    Stability is an issue when fishing, you cannot turn around to access things behind you but I have adapted a 10 litre bucket and fitted 2 rod holders to it and have mastered reaching behind to store my rods and drop my catch into the bucket.
    I have taken a wave over the bow when launching and the cockpit filled, I just pulled out the scupper plugs and most of the water drained. i also carry a bailing sponge to mop out the remaining water.
    With my weight the scupper plugs are best left in otherwise i get an inch of water in the cockpit.
    She paddles easy and tracks nicely. When I drift for fish, the yak will drift side on to the wind which suits me. I carry an anchor and tend to fish with my legs dangling either side. I just have to watch out for the white pointers!!!
    The only complaint is the area where you put your feet could be wider for us tall folk.
    The yak is easy to lift onto the roof of my CRV, I place a towel on the rear of the roof, lift the bow onto the towel then walk to the back and lift the stern and slide her on.
    This is my first yak and was the best $250 I have ever spent on a toy

  2. Vince Edwards

    I have recently purchased a
    I have recently purchased a Bic Sports Scapa to go out kayaking in the sea. Recently I have come across the sport of Kayak Fishing. I realise that this Kayak is not designed for fishing but I can say otherwise. I have used the Kayak several times for fishing in the sea off the South West Wales Coast, UK
    and by heck it performs well !!!
    Might be a wetter ride than other kayaks out there but still up for the job. Very quick and stable, even with the fishing gear on. I have caught (and released) to date several large Dogfish, a nice Codling, Gurnard, Mackeral, large Spider Crab and a Starfish. Looking to catch a nice Bass soon….

  3. Anonymous

    Not much 2ndry stability ,
    Not much 2ndry stability , more like a sea kayak than the ocean kayak offerings but quick and strong enough to take the knocks

  4. John Wall

    To solve the non-threaded
    To solve the non-threaded drain-plug hole: scrap the OEM drain plug, go to Lowe’s or other hardware that sells “rubber stoppers,” and get one that fits the drain hole. The stopper to get is one that has a treaded insert and metal washer, with a bolt that when tightened will squeeze (compress) the rubber stopper, causing its diameter to bulge (expand). Tighten the bolt as necessary to snug-up the stopper in the drain hole. VOILA,BIC!(By the way, BIC would do well to make this mod a permanent change to their design spec.

  5. stevie

    bought a bic scapa initially
    bought a bic scapa initially for kayak fishing around the scottish west coast,I found this kayak performed well in all conditions, and even performed well in wave play it tracks straight and glides well for a kayak of this size it has its limits for use as a fishing kayak only due to the lack of suitable mounting points ,but out performs the ocean prowler 13 (which I think is its closest comparison)on every other point its also lighter and stronger than most kayaks as bic use Thermoformed polyethylene,I think on very rare conditions the supposed child seat could be used but I’ve yet to test this, I think a better option would be to fit an 8″ hatch were the child seat is, it picks up speed very well and is easy to maintain ,for a sit on top its a dry ride although the seat does retain some water ,I’ve never felt the need to purchase a back support or seat for this yak as the moulded seat offers enough support and comfort and I’ve quite happily spent 8hrs at a time in it without discomfort ,in rougher conditions the two front threaded scuppers do there job well ,also I can car top this yak by myself,as a general use kayak it shouldn’t be over looked,my only real criticism of this kayak is the bow could benefit from being sharper as the rounded point on it doesn’t cut through the water as sufficiently as it might

  6. Brian Smyth

    After years of sit in kayaks
    After years of sit in kayaks found it a bit exposed …lack of support ..and very cold in Feb though I have sailed a Laser and kayaked in a sit in all winter …half an hor wa senough ..I was frozen …the add on thing for the front would help not too easy to paddle in rough water of my first outing … recent calmer sea outings have been much better… traks welll but was surprised how it was blown off course by tide and wind … may need the skeg …had expected it to be better in view of what I had read in blurbs …early days I suppose …keep paddlin’ !!

  7. steve barnes

    great craft if you want to
    great craft if you want to spend long periods of time on the water i realy enjoy using it

  8. Anonymous

    I’m 6’4″ tall, and the
    I’m 6’4″ tall, and the paddling position is fine for me. The rear drain plug is threaded, but it’s hole isn’t. The plug is, therefore, a loose fit (manufacturing defect or bad design?) Otherwise, the boat quality looks fine.

  9. Tom Moore

    Recently two of us purchased
    Recently two of us purchased two bic scapas and took to the water. Neither of us had any previous experience of sea kayaking – so any comments I make have to be viewed in that light.
    Firstly the boat appears to glide very well in smooth waters, it is still responsive to turning and surprising headway is achievable. Initially holding a course in winds and currents proved challenging but on our fifth outing our technique seems to be improving and we completed a 14 km journey in windy conditions and 2 km was against the wind and 5 knot current. The scupper holes work very well in rough waters and the boat remains completely dry in calm conditions. All told we are very pleased with our kayaks but as I have already said both of us at present have no previous experience of other kayaks. Note our playground is the Shannon Estuary which has the the Tarbert Race: the strongest current in Western Europe – Up to & knots.

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