Being slightly bigger than its smaller Pulse 85 brethren, the Pulse 95 offer all round paddling frolics for whatever discipline takes your fancy. Super manoeuvrable in a surf environment but also great for venturing off to undiscovered locations. Perfect stability, comfort and versatility, the Pulse 95 will get you to where you need to be.

The Pulse is lightweight & durable.  The well balanced carry handles make it easy to lift onto a car roof rack & carry down to the beach.
With built in anchor points, there’s plenty of scope to add accessories to suit your paddling needs.

Highly Commended in the best sit-on-top category at the Canoe & Kayak UK 2012 awards.

Tootega Pulse 95 FEATURES

  • Drinks Holder
  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Fittings for Knee Straps
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Storage Hatch
  • Stowing Mesh
  • Engineered Sculpted Scuppers
  • Paddle Keeper
  • Ergonomic Central Console
  • Stainless Steel Fittings

Tootega Pulse 95 DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating





  1. scott

    After much searching and review reading i decided on 3 sit ons , perception scooter , islander calypso sport and tootega,s pulse 95. I took a trip to my local canoe shop KENT CANOES (great shop and staff) where i compared and sat in all three i found for my height and build 5’11” 15.5 st the tootega had much better room for my legs and more comfortable seat area than the competition even without a padded seat then theres the build quality, the tootega in my opinion beats the competition in terms of finish and fittings by miles putting all three side by side my choice was simple. The tootega is far superior only problem was which colour to choose! I couldn,t decide between aurora and glacier so went for the global which also supports the S.A.S charity with a donation from every global colour sold ! well done tootega. i,ve only had my pulse a few weeks and used it on the river medway and i absolutely love it very stable tracks well and i can get a move on, can,t wait for my wales trip and the lizard later in the summer. i purchased a palm deluxe seat and it fits perfectly so it looks and feels like a rolls royce. I would not hesitate to recommend the pulse 95 thank you tootega i am really happy with my purchase. I think a couple of sit ons decals would look great on it too so if you guys would like to send me a couple i,d gladly help advertise your great site and i hope this review is helpfull. thanks scott.

  2. Dave Minns

    I’m thinking of buying one of
    I’m thinking of buying one of these (95’s) . noticed the max weight is 125kg , I weigh 110kg and with all the extra bits i will be pushing the max weight . now you have had this a while what is your opinion .

  3. Chriswatkinsonrm

    Had my tootega pulse 95 about
    Had my tootega pulse 95 about a month now and I love it so much. Got the huntsman inland camo model and regularly take it out onto the surf at Dawlish. I’ve been so impressed with the build, it’s lightness, manoeuvribility on the water and just its general responsiveness on the ocean. Getting it to go in a straight line can take a little effort but if I’m honest it’s probably my technique (to much power not enough finess) that causes that. Purchased the scupper plugs the other day as I think these will help with its responsiveness in the water. I’ve only rolled her once and that was user error turning into a bow wave that flipped me like a toy, that being said I had no trouble righting the kayak in deep water, literally just flipped her over and climbed back in.

    Can’t rate this kayak highly enough it’s changed my life literally.

  4. Kerran

    After some excellent advice
    After some excellent advice from my local kayak supplier I chose the Pulse 95 my first sot. As I live on the Isle of Wight I was straight in the sea coastal exploring and surfing. This is a great kayak, stable easy to handle and very responsive. Good storage and soo comfortable with the seat fitted. I love it and am looking forward to many more adventures on it.

  5. bexbissell215

    At the age of 56 I had, for
    At the age of 56 I had, for many years, wanted to have a go in a kayak. Two and a half years ago I moved to the Isle of Wight and saw the move as an opportunity to justify buying one. After much research and many trials in different boats, I bought the Pulse 95, widely rated as the best craft on the market. I bought the Pulse last year but for other reasons, it has only been recently that I have been able to actually launch it. I joined the Island Canoe club and last Thursday was the first use of the kayak. Force 4 wind in a river estuary. Not ideal but non the less challenging and great fun. For all that, I found the boat really stable yet also responsive.

    As an absolute beginner I valued the input I had from the lead of the canoe club. This was important to me as I was a complete ignoramus on all things sailing/on water. He was using a Perception Scooter, the other main contender I was considering buying. I trialled the Scooter and found it similar in characteristics to the Pulse but opted for the Pulse solely on a non scientific basis. In fact I am unsure even if my decision has any real validity at all. The storage area for the Pulse is between the legs of the paddler whereas the Scooter has a compartment at the bow. In times of necessity I felt that access to this storage area was going to be far easier the nearer the seating position it was.

    My Pulse was easy to put on my car roof rack unassisted which was a concern that I had had and I have bought a small trolley for those times when the distance between car park and water is a little longer.

    Anyway, after my first voyage, I am looking forward to this Thursday’s meeting which is at Shanklin and will involve an exploration of the neighbouring coastline. The whole experience has been really exciting for me, made interesting by the input from experienced kayakers within the club, and enjoyable in the knowledge that my Pulse 95 has many many miles ahead of it, in my company, exploring many unseen places in and around the Isle of Wight.

    In assessing the ratings of the Pulse I have marked it slightly down on the ‘straightline rating’ only because I found it a little difficult at times to achieve this. However I would say that this was my first voyage and the difficulty I found in that area was just as likely to be due my own inadequacies as to anything else. Time will tell.

  6. Angela

    Love my new kayak. Since I
    Love my new kayak. Since I only use it on a lake. I really wish it came with the plugs.

  7. kevd

    I met the designer of this
    I met the designer of this SOT at Dacre Lakes in Yorkshire and he spent half an hour explaining all its features, I could tell he was extremely proud of it, I purchased the 95 as the 85 was a bit of a tight squeeze for me, again Tootega were stars when I changed the colour at the eleventh hour opting for blue/green model, I took delivery and set off to our local lake to try it out, and yes… its every bit as good as the designer said it was, a real SOT which handles just as good as my kayak, which due to having knee ops I now struggle with, hence the reason for looking for a sot, and the designer told me it was even possible to roll it, well it had to be tried.. and yet again he was right, although you will require substantial knee straps! As a member of a Canoe club many of the members have tried my sot and some have now expressed an interest in purchasing their own. Would I recommend the Pulse 95.. without any hesitation most definitely yes.

  8. Andy Greenaway

    My first kayak very pleased
    My first kayak very pleased with it so far, great in the waves for some surfing and good in a straight line cuts through the waves really well,would definitely recommend

  9. Jane Dow

    A friend of ours has just
    A friend of ours has just purchased a Tootega Pulse 95 which we had chance to play with today. it was a little chilly and I was extremely tentative about going in the water. However once afloat it was a joy in the crisp sun and a friendly sit on top kayak. The Pulse is very playful but without the rumbustious nature of some. There were a few small waves to play on at Carbis Bay and it was simply sublime gliding along. My coffee at the end of our time on the water was most welcome though. Thoroughly recommend this Tootega sit on kayak and may have to get one myself.

  10. MoodyPaddler

    luv it,great for surf
    luv it,great for surf

  11. Nick Ball

    Love my Pulse, handles really
    Love my Pulse, handles really well and gives me hours of fun either ripping waves at the coast or having a leisurely paddle on the wensum. A very well built Kayak at a great price, you can’t go far wrong.

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