Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… But what to get the kayaker in your life? Or as a paddler what should you be putting on your Christmas list this festive season? Fear not; Sitons is here to remove all the stress of compiling a list for Santa. Here’s our pick of Christmas gift ideas for happy paddlers – we hope you’ve been nice and not naughty…

C-Tug trolley

We’ve been using one of these babies for the last few weeks and can happily recommend them as a durable, high quality and versatile kayak trailer. A nifty ‘no tool needed’ design we feel it’s innovation at its best. Stay tuned for full review coming soon. Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 29

Robie Robes

Cold weather is here and the prospect of changing into your paddling gear outdoors is shiver inducing for most. Jack Frost nipping at your bits is enough to put everyone off kayaking until next summer. Enter Robie Robes and the art of changing is made all the more pleasant. Simply chuck over your head, remove clothing, step into paddling attire wthout risk of frostbite. Upon exiting the water reverse process for a warm and snuggly way of changing.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 30

Dritek hanger

How many times have you hung up your wet or drysuit only to have the brittle hanger snap or bend? Dritek have done a sterling job of addressing the issue by producing the world’s strongest and most versatile hanger. The robust carabiner means you can hang it anywhere you feel and it won’t ever buckle of break. A brilliant concept that services a breadth of uses.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 31

SJ4000 waterproof action cam

Action cams are everywhere – never has it been so achievable to capture your on water antics, upload and let the world see your adventures. There’s a raft of affordable versions currently doing the rounds and our pick is the SJ400. Yes we know it looks very similar to another well known brand but you can’t argue with the bang you get for your buck. AT £59 it’s a great little bit of kit. Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 32…

KanuLock lockable roof straps

KanuLock roof bar straps offer a great way of securing your pride and joy and not having to worry while you nip into the shop for a pre or post paddle session snack. Simply lock the straps and be safe in the knowledge your sled will still be attached upon your return.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 33

Handiworld HR20 inflatable roof racks

Speaking of roof racks not everyone favours hard fixed metal versions – in fact for many these may be impractical. Step forward the Handiworld HR20 inflatable version (you can see our review here – Blow up, attach the buckles securely and in no time at all you’ve got yourself an easy way of transporting your paddling kit to the beach. Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 34

Palm Talon neoprene mitts

Palm Equipment’s palmless mitts have been a Sitons staple for the last couple of winters. Staving off wind chill but retaining that all important paddle shaft grip and feel Palm’s Talon mitts are a great additional to any kayakers wardrobe – sit on top or otherwise.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 35

Nookie Ti 2mm liner neoprene socks

Booties are an essentially bit of gear for all types of paddler – and not just off season kayaking either. Nookie’s Ti Liner 2mm socks are an added defence against winter chill. Basically wear inside your normal wet shoes/booties for extra warmth and protection.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 36…


Palm Classic drybag

Here at Sitons we use dry bags all the time as they’re the easiest way to keep all your essentials damp free when off for a jaunt in your boat. There are loads of different sizes available, depending on how much gear you want to transport. Currently you’ll find Palm Euqipment’s Classic drybag in our kit locker and we thoroughly recommend them.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 37

Perception Kayaks thigh straps

A bang on little addition to your kayaking kit would be a set of Perception Kayaks thigh straps. Giving you an added shot of versatility by allowing slightly more advanced paddlers to stay in better contact with their boat and chuck it about. Thigh straps really come into their own for paddlers playing in surf on moving rivers – if you’re super keen and up for it then you might even learn to roll your sit on top kayak with the addition of thigh straps.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 38

VHF waterproof radio

For those into chewing up miles, paddling in groups, wanting to stay in contact or the safety conscious, VHF radios are a must have Christmas gift. There are numerous models available, all of differencing prices and offering varied features. Our personal choice is the Cobra Compact waterproof VHF.

Northcore seat covers

There’s nothing worse than sitting on smelly salt encrusted car seats. The constant dousing after paddling sessions will do nothing for the value of your ride either. We recommend that you don your car seats with covers to help protect. Search online and you’ll find numerous different types – Sitons is currently using Northcore’s which do a great job. Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 39

Sex Wax car air fresheners

If you’ve plumped for a set of car seat covers then you may as well go the whole hog and invest in air fresheners. Another product readily available – many with a watery theme to keep it all on topic. Check out Sex Wax for some of the sweetest aromas around.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 40

Waterproof first aid kit

You never can tell when you’ll puck up a nasty gash of nick yourself accidentally. It’s always best to clean any type of wound to avoid infection which is why we suggest a waterproof first aid kit is a good addition to your kayak gear. First aid kits are widely available and come in varying sizes – have a nose online for options. Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 41

Rubber Killer The Nicky

It’s all very well having all your on water gear sorted but chances are you’ll need to stash things in your van/car while you head off for a session on your sit on top kayak. Enter Rubber Killer’s The Nicky clutch bag. Made from reclaimed old tyres The Nicky is perfect for hiding away your wallett. phone or other small valuables. Plus it’ll keep ’em in tip top condition and moisture free. Available in multiple colours.

Essential Christmas gifts for sit on top kayakers 42

Hopefully you’ll find something that whets your festive kayaking appetite in this list. Whatever Santa drops down your chimney we’re sure it’ll be a cracker – have a merry paddling Christmas from all of us here at