The Malibu Two XL is noted as being one of the world’s most popular sit on kayak designs. Ocean Kayaks have taken that successful hull shape and made it larger and able to carrier bigger paddlers along with all those necessities for a day of exploring, touring and messing about on the water. In an effort to be as versatile as possible, the company have even made room for a third small person or pet so now the whole family can enjoy some paddling time.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL FEATURES

  • Patented overlapping foot wells
  • Side-mounted carrying handles
  • Deck bungee
  • Paddle keepers

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two XL DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
Ocean KayakStandard4.1m0.86m27.7kg226.8kgTanderm


RRP: £549



  1. Keith

    Very stable sit on kayak. We
    Very stable sit on kayak. We tried it with various combinations of three people and it worked well. The only downside is that it is a tad heavy.

  2. Anonymous

    Was great till someone stole
    Was great till someone stole it, several been stolen in Norfolk and Suffolk beware

  3. Anonymous

    I use this yak for fishing,
    I use this yak for fishing, mainly off the north wales coast I have only ever paddled it on my own using the centre seat position and find that it tracks very well indeed. I have been caught out several times in large swells and winds while out at sea and have been surprised at how well it performs paddling against the current and wind to get me back safely ashore.Superb kayak.

  4. Les

    Pretty speedy we found and
    Pretty speedy we found and could happily fit two adults and a large child on – plus kit.

    Its pretty hefty but myself and wife could manage getting it onto the roof of our car – and she’s only 5’4

  5. Scott

    I love mine. Use it in the
    I love mine. Use it in the ocean, flat water, and have even gone over a few big rapids with my wife and daughter in it. We fish in it, play in it. And I am able to put in on the truck by myself, although it is a little bit of work. However, because it is big, even a small wave can grab it and flip it though if you don’t stay perpendicular to the surf, so for entering and exiting the ocean on the beach, beware. I flipped it in one foot of water and broke a new fishing pole that was in a rod holder, right in front of a bunch of sunbathers…really embarassing.

  6. mary

    We love this kayak, plenty of
    We love this kayak, plenty of room for the two of us and our labrador, lots of storage. tracks well. bit heavy to put on 4× is great off it.

  7. Anonymous

    Great family boat, have
    Great family boat, have carried two adults plus two small kids without problem in calm sea. The children love it and now they are getting older we intend to buy another. Handles well but not a surf kayak, too heavy if it flips.

  8. John Shepherd

    “All three seating positions
    “All three seating positions are very comfortable for me (6′, 200lbs). Stability is excellent; it tracks well and is surprisingly easy to paddle on long trips, either solo or with a passenger. Our Frenzy struggles to keep up even when only one of the Malibu 2XL’s occupants is paddling.
    On the downside: it could do with more stowage space for multi-day camping trips. And it can be a very wet boat in choppy conditions with an adult up front. It would benefit from a bow which doesn’t create so much splash (the Frenzy’s bow is much better in the waves) and more and better positioned scuppers (water does not drain from the front footwell).

    But it is nice and dry when paddled solo, even in very rough conditions, and it carried an adult, a child and camping gear through an Atlantic swell in the Firth of Lorn without any difficulty at all.

    Overall, it’s an excellent family boat suitable for messing about or longer trips. We are so pleased we thinking of getting a second one.”

  9. Anonymous

    Is slow, unconform and for
    Is slow, unconform and for two is small space.

  10. Richard Trew

    Great family mover and
    Great family mover and fabulous fun, we love it, although we had difficulty getting it lifted up on top of our car as it is very heavy so a kayak trolley is a must. but get yourself this kayak it’s fab!

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