There’re no two ways about it: kayaking in choppy waters (at least at coastal venues) isn’t anywhere near as much fun as knifing through glassy smooth water with barely a ripple. With the current run of 2018 summer weather such as it is there are rafts of people heading to the brine for a float and paddle. Unfortunately dreams of barely ruffled surfaces are dashed upon arrival when confronted by chop and fairly stiff sea breezes.

Sea breezes

Sea breezes are pretty common during high season. Simply put the sun warms land masses through the morning with hot air steadily rising. Sooner or later that void created by rising air needs to be filled with something. Due to the sea being cooler than land, with a layer of colder air hovering above its surface, it’s in prime position to rush in and plug the gap – which is exactly what happens. If you add to the mix any additional gradient breeze (true wind) then this can amplify even the lightest of sea breeze airs.

Dawn kayaking

So what to do if you want up your chances of scoring mill pond like conditions? Simply put you’ll need to be rising and shining much earlier. In some cases pre-8am to get the best of it. But that’s OK as during summer mornings are lighter and it’s much warmer than trying to drag yourself out of the pit than in autumn or winter.

Dawn Kayaking

Waking and heading out at dawn’s crack is something we’re super keen on doing here at Sitons. It can be the best time of day with the hustle and bustle still a way off. Most peeps are still getting sorted for the day ahead so you can be almost guaranteed of a quiet paddle, less the other insomniacs who’ve had similar ideas.

Kayaking Glassy Waters

If you’ve also go to head for work, or have a busy day of chores ahead, then a quick early morn paddling sojourn is the perfect way to get in the zone and freshen up in readiness for those daily challenges. You’ll get to witness all manner of wildlife and nature gently waking to a new dawn. And as we’ve already said it’s the best course of action if scoring glassy waters is a must do for you.

Sunset kayaking

Summer 2018 will probably go down as a goody so why not make the most of each part of the day. Sunset kayaking can also be worth their weight in UV gold, don’t forget.

Sunset Kayaking