It’s very easy to assume sit on kayaking is something you reserve solely for coastal venues. In fact, here at Sitons we’re a little bias – simply because the beach is on our doorstep. But have boat, will travel and all that. Sit on kayaks allow (with correct permission) the access of all manner of waterways not just tidal venues.

Inland waterway options – paddling lakes, rivers and canals 1

Lakes and rivers – a different vista

If you’ve paddled for any length of time at the coast then you’ll be aware how inspiring this can be. Couple your session with great weather and the views, ambience and overall experience can be unforgettable. But we shouldn’t discount inland waters as these areas give a totally different, but no less satisfying view.


Inland waterway options – paddling lakes, rivers and canals 2

Being enclosed adds to the dynamic of your chosen paddling location. Mountains and hillsides rise up and in the case of river paddling can completely engulf you – almost. At flatter put ins the perspective offered by open countryside flanking your watery route can be totally refreshing – especially if you live in a claustrophobic town or city.

And then there are the smells and sounds you get from scooping along lakes and rivers. Wildlife is different at these locations to that of the coast. And without a salty atmosphere other aromas fill your nostrils and help identify each spot as unique.

Choosing your spot

With so much water available to us paddlers you’re almost spoilt for choice. Wherever you’re considering for your sojourn it’s wise to read up on access rights BEFORE heading off though. Many of these put ins do give opportunities to launch kayaks but there may be a fee required to obtain a permit. Some lakes and rivers run through private land and owners might not be too appreciative of trespassing kayakers.

If your chosen location has an affiliated watersports centre then it’s worth checking the rules and regs with them. There are a few areas in the world that paddlers simply aren’t permitted, but with enough choice elsewhere we’re sure you’ll find a place that pricks your interest.

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