Toddler approved: Palm equipment’s Universal Kids PFD/BA

Warm weather, along with the inevitable summer holiday period (incoming!), can bring to the surface a desire to get wet. Kids love a frolic in the water and without adverse conditions in the mix a renewed interest for mum/dad’s liquid pastime may come to the fore. If you’re going to get your offspring afloat, however, it’s wise to consider (and invest in) adequate safety equipment.

Palm Universal Kid's PFD/BA 1

For children of all ages a good quality, well made PFD/BA should be a priority. Our toddler model in this review can’t yet fully swim but is uber confident in the water. Having a decent float coat is therefore a degree of peace of mind when at the beach, out on the water or anywhere close to H2O.

Palm Equipment’s Universal PFD is a front zip type that comes in sizes to suit kids and adults. A number of buckles ensure a snug fit while the front zip is tough, hard wearing yet the Universal is easy to get on and off – important when dealing with fidgety toddlers, as many parents will know!

Palm Universal Kid's PFD/BA 2

The Universal’s regular fit is comfortable (so we’re informed by our tester) and the adjustable safety buckles make sure the BA doesn’t ride up. Once on it’s instantly forgettable – in a good way – so much so that it can be kept in place even when not paddling. For general beach mischief it fits the bill and doesn’t get in the way of general mucking about in the sand – something this young child loves to do.

Made from Polyester 420D material the Universal also boasts reflective details, to make locating easier, and the leg straps (only on kid’s models) adds further security. It’s certification/rating is EN ISO 12402-5 / 12402-6 meaning it’ll fit most recreational applications without issue.

Palm Universal Kid's PFD/BA 3

Having asked our young tester what she thought of the Universal the comment was a nod of the head. In child speak we take that as approval. There was no trying to take it off or complaining about having to wear the Universal – all good signs it was liked! We appreciate every young person is different but Palm have a done a great job with the Universal making it easy to get on and off, attractive, versatile, pleasant to wear and ultimately a good piece of safety gear for your wee ones.

Palm Universal Kid's PFD/BA 4


If there’s ever an endorsement of a product it’s a pre-school tot’s willingness to use. In this instance the Universal kids pfd was a resounding success. Brilliant when on the water but also good for roaming about next to the water, parents can dress their children in it and know it’ll keep their young afloat should they take a dunking.


RRP: £41.95