Tiree boasts a wide variety of different locations that are perfect for all levels of paddler on their day. Whatever the inclement weather you can be sure that somewhere on the island will be working.

It doesn’t matter if you want big wave surfing action or placid exploring, there’s a put in spot somewhere on the island for you.

During winter the weather at times may be severe and it could be that you end up seeking shelter indoors. During the rest of the year though, you should at least be able to get out for some on water action. If not, there’s always whiskey tasting!

If it’s blowing a hooly then short downwind runs across Loch Bhasapol can be fun and means you’ll be getting your fix. Getting blown rapidly along, safe in the knowledge that the downwind shore will catch you, is immense fun.

How to get there:

There are a couple of different ways to get to Tiree. The first is flying by plane from Glasgow or Oban and the second is by ferry from Oban. Most choose the ferry although it’s worth noting that sailings aren’t every day and even less frequent in winter.


In an effort to keep the beaches unspoilt there aren’t really any facilities as such. However, you won’t miss this and getting back to nature is reason alone to visit Tiree.

Wild Diamond is the local watersports facility based at Loch Bhasapol while Suds Surf School, also based onTiree, hire kayaks and can give lessons with prior booking. Blakehouse Watersports and Bike Rental are another kayak and watersports rental outfit.


Tiree is right on the outer limits of the Inner Hebrides and as such gets buffeted by harsh Atlantic weather – particularly during autumn and winter. Spring can be a little less hectic but still be changeable. In fact even summer has been known to have days of relentless gales.

Big surf, ocean currents and tides, rocks in places and isolation will mean anyone thinking of taking to the water in Tiree will need a degree of experience and skills under their belt. Weather can change in Tiree in an instant and those considering putting in with their equipment will need to be aware of this.

Ins and Outs:

Most spots will require a bit of a drag with your kit, particularly at beaches during low tide. In parts, some rocks will also need to be navigated, especially if you’re doing a bit of exploring around Tiree’s coast.


Every year Tiree hosts the final round of the UK wave sailing tour which sees most of the countries windsurfing fraternity head to the island. This week long gathering is perfect for those who want to witness some high octane on water activity and large it up after hours during the many parties.


Tiree is one of those special places in the world that’s just timeless. Except for a few extra houses/structures over the years nothing has really changed and the local population works to keep it that way.
Officially the sunniest place in the UK, Tiree is a small Inner Hebridean island that oozes charm, personality and just so happens to be an epic spot for anyone into watersports of all types– not least kayaking.

For such a small piece of rock the island boasts a number of amazingly beautiful beaches, rugged coastline and picturesque exploration opportunities.

Weather conditions change rapidly meaning if it’s not really working, wait five minutes and it’ll no doubt change to something more favourable.