Not subject to tides, car parks generally safe with options to have a long or short paddle.

Fantastic family pubs (x2) good food where you can tie up and eat watching the kayak near and far from launch.

Pathway along bank suitable for walking and/or bikes.

Just spot on for a calm lazy paddle. I have not gone further than the Double locks pub however it is easy’ish to carry the kayak around a lock gate to go a lot further.

How to get there:

Head for the “city car park” on the industrial side of the quay (near Exe-Bridges roundabout) or the “Matalan/Range car park”.
To launch there is a small slipway between a row of boats up from the boat supplies as you approach the “city car park”. I have had no problem parking here to unload then drive over 100 yards to car park.


It’s got it all including a well stocked kayak shop, food, coffee, toilets etc by the car parks.

Many pontoons to stop off along the way.


Out of courtesy please respect the Exeter Canoe club members and give way at all times. They are a serious hard training club.
There is an hourly motorised ferry again they are respectful to other canal users whose livelihood depend on the service they deliver.
You can also hire kayaks by the hour, GOOGLE IT.
There is one low short span bridge about 10 foot wide, as much fun as it is a hazard.
The canal is more than wide enough to safely negotiate all these hazards without due concern.

Ins and Outs:

Locals should know place quite well. For persons new to Exeter ask for Matalan’s.
Set sat-nav for Superbowl or even the Kayak Shop on Exeter Quay, GOOGLE IT. Car parks are well signed and less than 50 yards from shop.


When the tides or weather are against you then this makes a great option although it is a great paddle in it’s own right.
No environmental hazards to catch you out.


Very calm in all types of weather, mainly countryside along the route. Gentle paddle excellent for beginners with a footpath and easy and plenty stop points on this short paddle.


Exeter Canal - Quay/Basin Area


Charles Miller
David Hawgood
Jonathan Thacker