Seaton has a steep shingle beach set in a bay.

The main attraction for us when we visited early in 2004 was the fact that there was a camp site right on the beach (although admittedly due to our late arrival we had to pitch the other side of a hill).

Being without a trolley we lugged our new Ousasso over the hill and down to the beach to be greeted by some pretty manacing looking surf. How typical this is of Seaton I don’t know, but a more experienced paddler would have instantly known that the waves were too big for novices like us!

The beach itself is constructed of incredibly small, fast draining shingle. This means that when the waves are up they break right on the beach – not exactly ideal for a couple of clueless newbies.

After a few attempts we did get the kayak out and caught some fairly good waves. Sure that someone more experienced would have got more out of it though.

How to get there:

Exit the A35 at Chideock and head South. The road gets very narrow and looks a bit like a farm trail, but does get there in the end.


There are public toilets and a reasonable sized car park right on the beach. There is also a pub and a camp site.


Steeply shelved beach. Nasty shore dump. Undertow.

Ins and Outs:


If the sea-state when we visited was typical then Seaton is probably better suited to more experienced paddlers, particular those in search of waves.


Seaton beach is situated in a sheltered bay beneath Golden Cap, the highest point on the South Coast