Once on the channel going upstream keeping far left through broad water you emerge into the river proper after broad water the river is quite slow moving and deep enough for paddling the rest of the way. The first part is mainly reed beds with the main channel to the right although there is another channel to the left right through the reed beds if you fancy a bit of exploring the right and left channels emerge at the same point a little further upstream where the Dysynni continues for a good few miles.

Follow it far enough and you come across the two bridges old and new crossing the A493 where to the right it is possible to land for a break. after this if you want to press on the river becomes very picturesque through Bryncrug until the first weir at which point you have to start your return journey.

Best to start about 2 hours before high tide so you have some help from the tide both ways and take a camera, it will have plenty of use I think .

How to get there:

Follow the main road (A493) through the welsh town of Tywyn towards the sea. Ahead there is a junction immediately before an over head railway bridge. Turn right immediately before the junction onto Idris Villas road which turns into Sandilands road. Follow Sandilands road until you approach a railway level crossing and turn right before the crossing keeping the railway on your left.

Go all the way to the end and stop before the large metal foot bridge. Park either side of road and the launch area is through the metal gate to the left by the side of the railway.


This spot is approached from the welsh town of Tywyn where there is pretty much everything to hand


This is a mainly tidal paddle and is best planned for a couple of hours either side of high water. Turning left towards the sea can be tricky as there is a tidal race so best checked out first. Turn left under railway bridge follow the channel a short way and beach in channel on left hand side. Take a short walk and have a look then decide. A helmet may be advisable as there are some rocks.

Better to turn right upriver and continue through broad water to the Dysynni proper. Keep to the far left through broad water as its shallow in the middle

Ins and Outs:

In at the side of the railway on sandy beach and easy outs all the way along. Its about 7 miles to the first weir where you will have to turn back.


Best to check this out on O.S or Bing maps first to get a good idea of the channel but no real hazards upstream and very much worth it.


Free parking 25 yards from water, Very easy launch off sand onto the river. Turn left for the sea or right a very picturesque paddle on the cleanest river I have ever paddled with very little current and plenty of take outs for a break or picnic.


Dysynni, Gwynedd


Joy Penny