Andy Money is an enthusiastic kayaker and fisherman. Here he gives us a gentle intro the world of kayak fishing and why you should give it a go if you haven’t already. The use of a sit on top kayak for fishing has become a passion of mine. I thought I would get out close to shore in the height of summer for a few mackerel a handful of times each year but the capabilities of these kayaks really opened my eyes to the possibilities. I am now hitting the sea in the depths of winter – you just need the right kit and the experience to expand your comfort zone before tackling challenging sea conditions

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Having a fast 13ft+ kayak, that has the waterline to make sure you have the ability to cut through tide and chop, opens up fishing grounds and makes it possible to get tight into rocks and cliffs where small boats wouldn’t dare go. It also gets you away from beaches and well out of range of any shore fisherman. Of course fishing is only a small part of the experience – great scenic views and awesome wildlife encounters are to be had out there too. And let’s not forget you can some serious fun in waves!

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Kayak fishing can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. Paddling and drifting with artificial lures can offer great sport but things get more challenging when using an anchor or a drift chute. They both present certain issues but with well-practiced techniques can very safe except in very strong tidal flows or big sea conditions. If you equip yourself with the right kit and experience the rewards are there for the taking. Given the right conditions it can be a great way of involving all the family – catching fish big or small it’s sure to put a smile on any youngsters face and mine love it!

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Kayak fishing kit check list

Fishing applicable kayak (any of the below could work) – Perception Triumph 13 –… – Tootega Kinetic – – Fatyak Kaafu – – Dagger Roam Semi rigid core (comfortable) seat (worth having as you cold be here for a while!) Fishing rod Fishing rod holder Bait and bait box (this can be secured in one of your boat’s tank wells. Paddle with blade line hook Paddle leash Keep net Fish finder (if you’re going all high tech) Drysuit (you’ll need this if static for long periods of time, even in summer) – Palm Equipment Cascade and Spark –… PFD/BA with plenty of pockets Anchor and warp (rope) You can of course add more fishing tech to your boat as you become more serious. There are loads more kayak fishing accessories available.