Loading your sit on kayak trolley: sounds simple right? Yet you’d be amazed how many paddlers get it wrong those first few times. There’s no great myth behind loading a trolley but for those new to the sport, or looking to get into it when air temperatures warm up, here are a few things to consider.

Load up! Sit on kayak trolley loading tips 7
The trolley

When choosing a kayak trolley, even if you’re not planning on covering great distance, it’s worth not scrimping and purchasing a good quality product. There are many examples of badly manufactured and inadequately thought out designs available. Our choice is the C-Tug. Durable plastic, an articulating cradle (great for accommodating different hull shapes), collapsible design and a fair price means it’s an essential part of our kit bag. We’re not suggesting everybody use the same trolley as us – there are plenty of other quality versions available. Do your research beforehand and we’re sure you’ll end up with the right piece of equipment that suits your needs.

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When loading your kayak trolley the main thing to consider is boat length. There’s nothing wrong with positioning your trolley at the mid-point along the kayak’s hull. If, however, you have a long overhang at the rear when you lift the front carry handle there’s every likelihood your boat will scrape along the ground. You won’t be able to raise the kayak’s nose high enough to avoid a stooped walking position – not great for your back. If this keeps happening then simply move the trolley further back, secure as normal using a strap, and head off to your put in. Kayak hulls, as most paddlers will be aware, have grooves cut out of their undersides – to varying levels depending on the design. In most cases the prominent V should sit in the trolley’s cradle with a centralised position to remain balanced. This is the most efficient position for your boat when travelling via trolley. If your cradle articulates, like the C-Tug’s does, then manoeuvre this into a tight fit to help with increased security of your boat.

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When you’re happy with the positioning of your kayak on the trolley the final stage is securing with a strap to ensure it doesn’t slide off – don’t forget this part! With a solid sitting SOT, positioned perfectly, you’ll be primed and ready for getting to your chosen put in and enjoying a quality session… Thanks to C-Tug and Islander Kayaks who helped out with this article – http://islanderkayaks.com/sit-on-tops/