Saturday March 22 welcomed the second ever kayak fishing Demo Day hosted by AS Watersports. Paddlers from all over the country had descended upon Exeter to try out the latest and greatest toys from the top manufacturers in the kayaking world, get expert advice and chat all things kayak.

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 13
Perception Kayaks to the put in! – pic AS Watersports

Amongst the manufacturers, Perception Kayaks were there with the new for 2014 Camouflage Triumph 13 (which we like a lot! – Ed), System X showed off the complete range of Scotty fishing accessories to soup up your kayak along with the Werner Paddles range. Palm Equipment were there with Wilderness Systems and some snazzy new soft wear and Squarerock had the latest fishing offerings from Jackson Kayaks. Tootega and Ocean Kayak were also out in force with their demo fleets.

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 14
On water demos – pic Tom Pattison

Despite a fairly poor weather forecast (when are they ever right anyway?) the sun came out and paddlers basked in glorious sunshine while testing kayaks or taking time to brush up on their skills. AS Watersports head coach Liam was running workshops all afternoon focusing on making your paddle strokes more efficient and the technique of turning the kayak using its edges.

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 15
Mr Pattison helping out – pic AS Watersports

The rest of the AS Watersports team were on hand to give expert advice, help customers get on the water to demo kayaks and offer some very special show deals.

Sit on top kayaks are extremely diverse with many people choosing to customise their rides for various reasons. In this instance the emphasis was clearly focused on reeling in a big one. Kayak fishing is a globally huge area of the sport and gaining momentum in the UK. With the stability of these craft and options for pimping your ride it’s no wonder more and more paddlers are choosing to cast a line.

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 16
Perception Triumph getting some love – pic Tim Pattison

The end of the day came far too quickly but with smiling faces and many satisfied customers. Here are a few pictures of the day – make sure you get down to the next one.

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 17
All the kayak fishing toys – pic Tom Pattison

Tom Pattison is part of the Perception team – one of the premier brands in the UK. The company’s diverse range of sit on kayaks is extensive and you can find more info by visiting Perception Kayaks Europe

AS Watersports kayak fishing Demo Day March 22 18
Guest author: Tom Pattison off of Perception Kayaks Europe

Featured Image: Graeme Darbyshire