Over the years we’ve travelled to a variety of destinations to get our paddling fix. As the UK’s summer fades to but a glimmer, eventually disappearing below the horizon, it’s time to think of winter getaways. With that in mind here’s a whistle stop tour of our fave winter paddling destinations.

Grenada, Caribbean, West Indies

The Spice Isle is one of the most underrated watersports locations in the world if you ask us. Easy enough to get to with regular flights and offering amazing paddling opportunities it’s a great location with super friendly people and a whiff of nutmeg in the air. Our friends Jamie and Amber own Conservation Kayak and specialise in showing you the sights and sounds of Grenada from the water while delivering eco education. Our last trip with the pair was fantastic and you’d do a lot worse than catching up with them if visiting. You can see the trip write up here – www.sitons.com/articles/spice-island-kayaking-grenadian-paddling-vibes/

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Hawaii, South Pacific

Hawaii has always attracted watersports enthusiasts with surfing being the obvious sport you think of in relation to this South Pacific island archipelago. Hawaii isn’t just for wave riders though. The Polynesians are lovers of all things paddling and plenty who live and visit Hawaii do so with kayaking in mind. Oahu’s Waikiki area can offer both flat water and waves while over on the Valley Isle of Maui it’s the southern shoreline which delivers the best mix of mellow waves and exploratory routes.

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The Rockies, Canada

Snow might be falling in the Rockies but this area of Canada also offers some stunning flat water lake paddling with amazing vistas. It’s cold, so you’ll definitely need adequate protection against the chill and storms sweep in super fast. That said the early part of winter is a good time to head across for some sit on top action.

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If closer to home is your thing then why not consider a Euro destination. Thermometer readings are never quite as low as in the UK during winter. Spots such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, Spain and Turkey offer warmer paddling options than you’ll find at home as well as being free of the high summer tourist throng. Our picks are Zante (Zakynthos) and Lefkas in Greece’s Ionian region if it’s island style you’re searching for. The Acheron Delta further north on the mainland is also worth a look. Turkey’s Bodrum Peninsula could also be worth hitting up for seclude bays and a less hectic atmosphere that July and August. And then there’s the Spanish Costa Blanca coast which is super quick to get to. Fly into Alicante Airport and it’s straight out onto the shores of the Med.

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Wherever you decide for your winter kayaking holiday we’re sure you’ll have a ball. Why not let us know where you end up this off season.