Before we get into this we’d just like to add that while modifying you sit on top kayak is definitely an option we can’t be held responsible should any tweaks affect the integrity of your boat’s hull. Right, now that’s out of the way…

Regular contributor Chris Bell got in touch to show us some of the ways he’s switched up his sled. The first image shows how Chris has attached a painter (or rope) to either end of his Perception Scooter. Helping with steep put ins and take outs, whilst also providing a way to moor up if needs arise (such as pub paddling missions) it’s an easily added solution that doesn’t require too much effort to implement.

Tweak it! – Chris Bell’s Perception Scooter modifications 7

A bit more complicated, and requiring a sealant to keep water tight, are Chris’s extra tie points that allow extra gear to be carried when on touring missions. If you do decide to pimp your ride in this manner it’s worth making sure everything is 100% water tight BEFORE going afloat!

Tweak it! – Chris Bell’s Perception Scooter modifications 8

Chris has also extended the bungee cord and added adjuster for further versatility. This extra long elastic allows the water bottle section to be used for carrying a drybag. Chris says he doesn’t use it for drinks and found it filled with water. By utilising it in a kit carrying manner he’s made better use of the hollow. A drybag allows snacks and added layers of clothes to be transported during longer trips.

Tweak it! – Chris Bell’s Perception Scooter modifications 9

Finally Chris has bolted three different action camera mounting points to the gunnels of his Scooter. Having had problems getting the sticky backs of these mounts to affix he opted to go the whole hog and get all heavy duty. We ourselves find GoPro sticky mounts unable to adhere to many rotomoulded boats. Locking these down with power tools should ensure your trusty action cam survives a lot longer.

There are plenty of other ways you can trick out you paddling craft. What Chris describes, however, are pretty practical for many – especially if you’re not into kayak fishing. Loving your work Chris!

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