As some of you may or may not already know, we recently polled 500+ watersports enthusiasts where their dream kayaking locations would be, and the results made for interesting reading.

Due to the diverse amount of suggestions received, it was decided to split the results into three distinct categories – rivers, regions and UK spots.

Some of the dream kayaking locations will come as no surprise whereas others stand out for not being immediately obvious. In particular, the fact that the UK was mentioned on numerous occasions suggests that aspirational locations are just as likely to be closer to home as well as those further afield.

In many instances it seems that it’s not so much the types of on water conditions that determined people’s choices, but rather, what the overall package could offer. Scenic paddling in amazing surroundings seemed to be higher on the agenda than challenging paddling – the overall experience is what determined each person’s dream venue.

With all this data split across 3 articles, we decided to also put it together into an easily digestible format; and that’s where this infographic comes in…

Dream Kayaking Locations - The Infographic(Click for the full size image)

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And feel free to use this infographic on your website too, just credit us with a link back to this article 😉