Cast your mind back to summer 2013 and those warm balmy temperatures may seem like a distant memory – hopefully it won’t be too long before we feel the sun’s radiant glow once again.

Sitons Beach Survey - the results 5
Sitons at the beach

Many choose to head for the coast during good weather – even when the sun doesn’t have his hat on large numbers flock to the seaside. In fact, most stretches of sand during high season will see crowds.

Sitons was keen to investigate the nation’s beach habits and in partnership with Perception Kayaks Europe rolled out their very first beach survey last year. The response was unprecedented with in excess of 2500 people taking part.

Having now sifted, collated and compiled the data Sitons is preparing themselves for another bumper summer season. To kick things off the accompanying graphic crunches some easily digested numbers into bite size chunks – it looks pretty good as well!

Straight out of the blocks you’ll notice Cornwall (possibly unsurprisingly) tops out at number one for most visited beach county. Dorset and Devon follow closely behind whereas Norfolk nips in at number five. Pembrokeshire makes it into the top 10 with Scottish locations also making a good showing.

We asked people to tell us why they would visit their chosen area and it seems that even when spending time afloat isn’t a priority having a good quality accessible beach is still high on the agenda.

Families love an open expanse of sand, while those actually splashing about in the drink gorged themselves with up to three hour stints at a time. A large proportion of visitors didn’t get wet at all though – proving that you don’t have to be a water baby to appreciate the coast.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing more data which will give more insights into beach visiting behavioural habits. In the meantime for more information visit or email

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Top ten beach counties (in order)