Watersports 4 Cancer is a charity that was set up by avid watersports aficionado, David Tuttlebee, who battled against colon cancer for a number of years before unfortunately losing his fight to the disease in 2010.

Sunrise to Sunset – W4CR – June 15th 2013 5

All the way through his life David was drawn to the water and spending time in and around his favourite location – Hayling Island. Sunrise to Sunset is a way to celebrate David’s life, recognise his efforts to raise awareness and money for cancer research and indulge in your favourite pastime for a purpose.

Sunrise to Sunset – W4CR – June 15th 2013 6

W4CR for all

W4CR is how all enthusiasts can ‘give something back’ by using the sport they love to raise funds for a noble charity.

June 15th 2013 will see the annual Sunrise to Sunset marathon 24 hour challenge hit the UK with all forms of water craft being encouraged onto the water, and their pilots generating much needed sponsorship for continued research into the notorious disease.

Hayling Island is the main base of the charity with the sitons.com HQ not too far away, proving what a hotbed of saltwater activity the island is.

Kayaks for 2013

With 2013 featuring kayaks for the first time it’s now applicable for paddlers from all walks of life to get out there at dawn’s crack and put in the miles – all in the name of a great cause.

With 22 confirmed venues for this year’s marathon, Sunrise to Sunset 2013 is truly a UK-wide supported charity get together that will allow all members of the watersports fraternity, from every corner of the country, to do their bit, get stuck in and help out.

So close…

Chances are there’s someone within your circles who has had a brush with, or is currently suffering from the big C and yet, it’s been widely reported that researchers and scientists aren’t that distant from a breakthrough in terms of treatments.

It’s only through the continued support and fund raising achievements that institutions will be able to effectively complete their work.

Show your support

Even if you don’t plan on paddling for the full 24 hours, you can still show your support by joining your fellow kayakers, windsurfers, SUPers, kiters and surfers to combine your efforts for the greater good – a donation would also go a long way…

Many in the past have chosen to make a full weekend of Sunrise to Sunset. Although the overall point of the exercise is to generate funds for cancer research it’s also a great chance to catch up with mates, rub shoulders with stars of the sports you love, mingle with likeminded individuals and enjoy a family day at the beach or lake.

Making events such as Sunrise to Sunset fun, social and applicable to families is the secret of W4Cr’s success. The weather might not always play ball but when everyone pulls together for one big unifying watersports cause the results are always fantastic, humbling and 100% successful.

If you’re thinking of taking part then now’s the time to let W4CR know what you’re planning and get involved with some paddling for a purpose.

For more information head over to the W4CR website