Made in the same way as their rotomoulded sit on top kayaks, Fatyak’s Hono bodyboard is the perfect sit on top kayak accessory. It may not be an actual boat you can paddle but it’s a great compliment to you existing kayak and a toy all the family can enjoy. We’ve been using the Fatyak Hono in conjunction with our SOTs all summer long. It’s proved popular – especially with those not fussed by paddling kayaks.

FatYak Hono 5

The Hono offers a non-threatening entry into the watery world and can be used in a variety of ways. As a traditional bodyboard you can ride swells of all shapes and sizes, within reason. Due to its plastic construction the Hono is great in places like Sitons HQ where high tide shingly shore dump is a common occurrence. Blasting yourself shoreward is immense fun – without the worry of having a heavy boat capsize and chase into the beach. Tow your little ones behind your kayak or don some fins and get a little more serious with your surf shredding – however you choose to use the Hono you’ll be smiling from ear to ear. The bottom contours of the Hono are very similar to that of the brand’s sit on top offerings. With deep chines cut into the area in contact with water it’s a very directional ride that projects off swells. The Hono is also stable – not in the same sense as your normal sled but there’s no denying it’s a composed ride even in the choppiest of seas. Handles and fittings are top drawer with rivets secure and never coming loose.  The Fatyak Hono is hollow by design and as such features a drain plug at the rear. You’ll need to make sure this is screwed in tightly during on water sessions. And it’s wise to empty regularly, should it fill up.

FatYak Hono 6

As an added versatile bonus the Fatyak Hono makes a great snow sled for winter months. If you don’t fancy heading out on the water during the off season the Hono could be a nice alternative and a way to get your outdoor sliding fix – if you can find enough white stuff that is. Conclusion Fatyak’s Hono is a cracking little sit on top kayak accessory that will appeal to a wide spectrum of users. It could be the perfect way to get a previously uninterested party involved in watersports, or a secondary vehicle for surfing when your main sit on is being used. And let’s not forget the winter appeal of the Hono, which makes a fun sledding tool. Well manufactured, affordable and a worthy addition to anyone’s toy box, Fatyak’s Hono is a nifty little number.

Price: £71.00