Being a long-time collaborator brand of Sitons, and a company not to simply stick to staples, Fatyak have surprised us over the years with their various product offerings. From their Hono bodyboard to the Kaddy carry all Somerset based Fatyak have always promoted a broad list of toys. It therefore comes as no surprise that Fatyak recently introduced the Samos stand up paddle board to audiences.

Now before everyone groans and calls the fact a SUP isn’t a sit on top, which we appreciate, we couldn’t not have a nose and see what’s what. Not least the fact the Samos goes against the grain in terms of being manufactured from plastic!

First look

So, yes, a rotomoulded plastic SUP is what the Samos is – just like other products in FY’s range. For a sit on this is standard form but when talking stand up paddling a plastic board certainly isn’t.

Fatyak Samos 10’ x 33” rotomoulded stand up paddle board review 7

Straight out of the wrapping and the Samos grabs attentions. There are lots of grooves and channels cut into both deck and hull which make it appear space age in design. It’s super wide at 36” but fairly compact at 10’ in length. A variety of carry handles sit perched on rails, tail and nose with a centrally located recessed grab space for additional carrying versatility. A comfortable deck pad adorns the top and there’s even a stainless steel water bottle included.

As with their sit on top Fatyak have paid attention to fixtures and fittings with deep set rivets firmly holding handles in place. These are dependable once hoisted. Underneath, protruding from the tail, you’ll also find a standard US box fin with adds further function. (We actually found you can pilot the Samos without the addition of a fin due to the chines and grooves cut out of the hull. That said the fin does improve efficiency).

Fatyak Samos 10’ x 33” rotomoulded stand up paddle board review 8

On the water

Stepping aboard the Samos and there’s no question of its stability – you really have to run off it to fall off it! Being a hollowed out hull there’s a degree of spring to the deck but FY have reinforced the inner to avoid complete sagging, which wouldn’t be good.

Towards the edges of the standing area paddlers will find raised gunnels which slope back down towards the centre. At first this may be an unusual standing position but riders will quickly get used to it and locate a comfortable stance.

Driving forwards the Samos’ rocker is very flat. Even with its rounded and voluminous nose the Samos tracks surprisingly well. It doesn’t push as much water as you’d expect and points efficiently. If wind and chop do increase then flotsam will inevitably lap onto the deck and some of the grooves do tend to pool liquid. That said with a solid stroke headway can be made without too many issues.

Fatyak Samos 10’ x 33” rotomoulded stand up paddle board review 9

Down tailside and the Samos does taper quite nicely into a diamond that promotes manoeuvres such as pivot turns. There’s still enough leeway to get out of trouble and avoid dunkings but it’s nice to see the Samos is livelier than some would perceive.


There are plenty of paddlers who would enjoy ownership of Fatyak’s Samos stand up paddle board. As a pretty bombproof product it can be chucked around most watery areas without fear of picking up dings. Anyone fancying a first try out with SUP will find the Samos a very stable and confidence inspiring platform whereas seasoned stand ups would be able to have some fun in the sun aboard a craft that boasts decent agility.

Being rotomoulded, and fairly chunky, doesn’t mean the Samos is super lightweight but the benefits far outweigh this minor point. The Samos’ price point is also pretty attractive.

Price: £495