We’ve been covering the topic of paddles extensively here at Sitons HQ – the benefits of owning a well manufactured and designed ‘engine’ is the key to continued sit on kayaking happiness. (To find out more about the world of paddles have a butchers at our Ultimate Paddle Guide).

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 9

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 10

Adventure Technology Paddles are distributed across the UK (and continent) by Perception Kayaks Europe. We’ve been playing with the brand’s Pursuit touring paddle this winter; here’s what we found.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 11



The Pursuit features a carbon blend shaft with low angle reinforced fibreglass blade. The adjustment ferule in the centre allows paddlers to set feather across incremental measurements as well as alter shaft length – all cracking features.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 12

An ergonomically designed ‘full control grip’ allows a comfortable and efficient hold while the Pursuit’s light weight should be easy going on the body during long excursions. Stiffness of the shaft is at the lower end of the scale which won’t batter joints and muscles like a stiffer type would do. Suiting all round sit on top kayakers the low angle blade is billed as perfect for more relaxed stroke styles and those who love a chilled out cruise. Keeping this in mind we paired up the Pursuit with Perception’s Triumph 13 – a great duo for touring and swallowing up miles.  Bright orange blade colour makes sure that should you’ll get noticed as well.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 13


From the get go the Pursuit is a forgiving yet efficient tool for scooping water and propelling your sled forwards. If a paddler wants to ramp up momentum then it’s perfectly feasible – although as described above, its low angle blade is more suited to taking it easy and cruising.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 14


A pronounced dihedral runs along the spine of the blade ensuring there’s no flutter during each stroke. What we really appreciate was the power control grip which is an ergonomically designed bulbous area of the shaft with which to grab hold of. It fits the palm of paddlers’ hands like a glove and allows you to forget about the act of paddling and simply focus on scenery and surroundings.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Touring Paddle 15


The ability to fine tune the Pursuit’s feather allows and shaft length adjustment gives the AT a broad range of user appeal – great if there are a number of paddlers using it. Worth keeping an eye on is the ferule and keeping it grit and gunk free. We recommend cleaning this on a regular basis to maintain good working order. Although our local put in isn’t littered with obstacles we appreciate the robust and reinforced blade. Able to take a few knocks and scrapes, both in the water and off, it’s comforting not having to be ultra-careful.


Adventure Technology’s Pursuit touring paddle is a great example of a mid-range touring scoop that fits a broad range if sit on kayak requirements. Versatile, feature packed, light weight and efficient; we love using the Pursuit when touring missions or cruising our local area.


£125 (straight shaft), £165 (Ergo shaft)


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