Easy to inflate and attach to the roof of your car, these handy little racks are quite capable of carrying a big tandem sit on kayak or smaller surf orientated boat (we tried it with both) as well as surfboards, SUPs, windsurfing kit and any other type of saltwater toy you happen to own.

How it works

Webbing straps that are secured to each sponson slide through the passenger and driver doors and create a continuous loop through the interior of the vehicle before securing with an anti-slip locking system.

The fact that the straps enable the car doors to be closed adds to the security of the racks during use.

At first glance this may appear not ‘man enough’ for the job, but after travelling down the motorway with a kayak on the roof the proof is in the pudding.

It may be worth driving at a more conservative pace with a boat in transit but there’s no doubt that these racks will get you and your kayak safely to the beach.

HandiRack HR20 Inflatable roof rack 5

HR20 roof rack features

The Handi Rack has a mini 12v pump included in the package which takes all the effort out of the inflation process and saves your lungs. A puncture repair kit is also included.

Each strut is made from durable high grade material fitted with super strong webbing straps that are up to coping with substantial loads.

One thing to note is that if you happen to get any type of sand or grit caught between the racks and the roof of your car then due to the slight play (movement or and flex) in the racks – which is inevitable with an inflatable product – it’s possible to put slight scratches in your car’s paint work. It may be worth putting an old towel in between your roof and the racks to prevent this from happening.

HandiRack HR20 Inflatable roof rack 6

In use

Heading towards your favourite paddling spot with a kayak on top of your car supported by inflatable racks induces a slightly anxious feeling. After all, there’s something about solid metal that embeds more reassurance.

But, after a few journeys, all your fears will be laid to rest as the Handi Rack’s are more than up to the job.

The fact that you can easily detach, deflate and store these racks is a plus and will ultimately save on fuel costs as more traditional metal racking systems have a habit of staying put once fixed in place and do nothing for the aerodynamics of your vehicle – or your wallet!

Final thoughts

If you’re planning on taking up kayaking full time then you will definitely need to invest in a roof rack system of the metal kind as ultimately these will give a slightly more secure ride during transportation. But if quick sojourns to the beach or lake are going to be more your thing, or if storage is an issue, then these inflatable roof racks could be just the ticket – they also make a handy backup to their more rigid cousins – all in all they’re definitely worth getting hold of for an emergency or for a more cost effective option than the metal version.

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