Ever since Hey Dude Shoes came to fruition their Farty slip on has been an ever popular choice. Able to mix between beach/chill and more dressed up scenarios it’s not hard to see why. Having this upgraded to the ‘Chalet’ model, with fur lined inner, is a welcome and noteworthy addition. Now not only are Farty’s super comfy, with Hey Dude Shoes’ trademark thick rubber, patented sole technology the Farty Chalet delivers additional warmth – something we can attest to having tested extensively

Hey Dude Shoes2

Spending the majority of our time at watery locations we’re always searching for off brine footwear to fit the bill. Obviously moisture is in effect at kayak put ins, so robust our foot hammocks need to be. They also have to deliver away from the drink as well – after all it can’t all be about paddling. Sometimes we need to spend time in the wider world.

With their chocolate colourway the fur lined Farty Chalet we’ve been putting through paces recently easily brushed off muck and grime. It should be noted that lighter colour footwear may not do the same. For anyone into sit on kayaking or similar we’d suggest those darker tones to make sure they’re kept looking spic and span.

Hey Dude Shoes1

Whilst certainly not waterproof Hey Dude Shoes’ Farty Chalet kicks do an admirable job at fending off moisture. You don’t want to be wading into deep water that’s for sure but for light H20 contact we found no issue. And actually if you did end up submersed then fortunately the Farty Chalet style dries quickly without tarnishing the actual aesthetic. (If you’re after something more amphibious then check out the Hey Dude Shoes Mistral which are designed with liquid in mind).


So, superior comfort, great looking and very practical for sit on kayakers and other water uses whilst being warm and snug Hey Dudes Shoes’ fur lined Farty Chalet models are one to look at the next time you’re in the market for some top drawer tootsie hammocks.


Price: £45