Sunwise sunglasses are British designed and aimed squarely at active individuals. Featuring a healthy number of models that cover everything from golf to kayaking, if you’re in the market for a new pair then look no further. Sunwise generously sent us two models to play with – the Henley Blue and Shipwreck.

First impressions

Straight out of the box, and both models look great. The Shipwreck is the slightly more lairy option, with its loud green colour palette, while the Henley Blue suggests a more laid back attitude. Both pairs are well engineered and feature polarised lenses, 100% UVA/UVB ultraviolet ray protection, a lightweight feel and fit comfortably and securely across your eyes. The Shipwreck also utilises rubber nose pads. For on water antics it’s a wiser move opting for one of the floating models for obvious reasons. Losing your favourite pair of eye cans to the depths is a common problem amongst water users. In this case, the Henley Blue model is the floating pair.

Beachside attitude

Wearing the Shipwreck at the beach instantly gives you a perceived attitude. The shape and colour scheme suggests that you’re there to get serious with your sport. If it’s a family beach day then others will no doubt take note of your vibrant eye candy.The Shipwreck do indeed make a statement for anyone wearing them with plenty of interest generated from other bods on the beach. This model is a must for those who like it big and bold!

Sunwise Sunglasses

Paddling attitude

Toning it down slightly, the Henley Blue are the ‘go to’ sunnies for when you get cracking on the water. The comfortably fitting, lightweight nature of this model makes them almost forgettable while out in your boat. This is a good thing as it means you can focus on your session and not have to worry about the sunglasses you’re wearing. Featuring fantastic protection against UVA and UVB rays, the polarised lenses offer clarity and shade – all in one nifty little package. Heading out to some small waves while wearing the Henley Blue would usually not have been a wise decision, but with their floating nature we were confident we wouldn’t be watching our beloved eyewear drift to the sea bed, should we become separated. This was proved when a lapse in concentration ended with an unplanned visit to the salty briny where the glasses slipped off. But, hey presto, they did their job and floated, meaning the retrieval was easily accomplished. If you’re thinking of heading into rougher water then it still may be an idea to get hold of a retainer that can fit around your head. Even though the Henley Blue sunnies do float, you may still lose them as they drift off in white water flotsam. Make sure the retainer is lightweight and floats as well though!

Final thoughts

Both the Shipwreck and Henley Blue pairs of Sunwise glasses are fab bits of kit that work well in a beach environment. Whatever your sunglass requirements, a pair of Sunwise sunnies will give amazing levels of sun protection and a stylish look to boot.