The Pyranha Surf Jet arrived in pure ‘naked’ form. As in the boat’s devoid of clutter boasting only a retractable skeg – minimalist it sure is! That’s not to say you can’t customise and outfit the boat, you can in fact. For this test, however, we went for a float as is.

Carting it to and from the put in is a little unusual as there aren’t any grab handles. Instead there’s an indent hand hold inside the cockpit, but only on one side. There are fixture and fitting points which we’d suggest paddlers make use of as utilising the single hold isn’t the most efficient when carrying. You may also want to add a seat for additional comfort once on the brine and thigh straps for improved handling and control in the surf.

pyranha surf jet siton

Jumping aboard and although it’s a low volume boat it still boasts a fair amount of stability – the secondary stability is actually good and should therefore be trusted. Anxious paddlers may require a few flat water runs to get used to it but all in it’s a well mannered sit on top. If you really want a planted ride then drop the skeg which sees the Surf Jet turn into a completely different animal. Directional, with improved tracking, the Surf Jet delivers a pleasant enough ride in this guise with even some flat water paddling opening up, showing there’s a degree of versatility in the Surf Jet.

pyranha surf jet

In wave mode the gunny shape allows for early drop ins, ensuring a long ride. Setting a rail is easy enough although it doesn’t bite quite as hard as some surf orientated sitons we’ve used in the past. With the skeg once again down it locks into the wave’s pocket and drives off the bottom, arcing progressively back up to the lip. Just remember to keep the skeg slot grit and mud free for easy retraction.

Pyranha Surf Jet Video Review


All in the Pyranha Surf Jet is a fun, accessible and playful surf sit on top that while aimed firmly at wave environments can straddle flatter water venues if required. Heavy weights will be surprised at the stability and get used to piloting in a short amount of time. Lighter riders will discover a throw about hull that’ll keep smiles wide when playing in the lumpy stuff. It’d also make a good SOT for kids and has a decent price point.

Pyranha Surf Jet FEATURES

  • Light Weight
  • Interchangeable Accessories
  • Retractable Skeg

Pyranha Surf Jet DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating


RRP: £250


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  1. DL

    I love the Pyranha Surf Jet! Great fun in the surf with speed to chase a wave and drop in over the top and surf the wave for a very long time. Although I was not able to roll, I had another more proficient kayaker roll mine many times to my delight. I tried many brands of kayaks before choosing this kayak for the surf. I even took it for a paddle on the Nantahala River in western NC for a hoot‼️

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