The Sector 110 is a versatile and stable touring kayak that is perfect all your exploratory mission needs. Featuring a wealth of storage space for all your essential belongings, this design will get to your destination in style and as efficiently as possible. The plan shape design means that speed and acceleration are fantastic with the nose cutting through chop and rougher waters with ease.


  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Grab Lines
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Storage Hatch
  • Stowing Mesh


ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating


RRP: £499


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  1. Jcrompton88

    Tried my new sector 110 today
    Tried my new sector 110 today and i must say im very impressed , i live on a island and the sea can get very rough i was out for 3 hrs today in swells of up to 6ft and the kayak handled them brilliantly , not once did i feel unsafe , the kayak is very easy to control and handles well , even when getting hit from the side , with plenty of storage id say its probably the best on the market from tootega it cuts through the waves like a hot knife through butter , the only down side i would say it has is the carry handles on the side are a bit awkward , but this is really a very minor issue , im sure any one who buys this will be glad they have .

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