The Calypso Sport is the exact same hull design as the popular Calypso but comes with added value storage options in the form of a centrally located stowage tank and forward positioned storage tank.

An upgraded backrest, the inclusion of a clip in paddle keeper and a moulded drinks and accessory holder rounds off the upgraded design.

A great all rounder that is practical, fun and versatile.

The Calypso Sport comes in a range of different colours.

Islander Calypso Sport FEATURES

  • Adjustable Deluxe Backrest
  • Ergonomic mould-in footbrace
  • 10″ bow hatch
  • 5″ screw hatch
  • Stern tankwell with securing elastics
  • Self-bailing scupper holes
  • D-ring accessory attachment points
  • Drain bung
  • Strong carry handles

Islander Calypso Sport DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating




  1. Katherine A Ripullone

    Anyone use this as well as the feelfree nomad sport – trying to compare!?

  2. Nick Saunders

    Bought one of these 12 months
    Bought one of these 12 months ago and never regretted it. Had it on flat rivers, challenging surf, choppy sea, 8-9 mile excursions, enjoyed every bit of it and looking for more. Behaves very well in all conditions, cannot really fault it as an ideal all-rounder. Don’t expect it to do fancy manoeuvres or be athletic in surf though as that’s when you need the specialised craft but it is a great fun craft for all conditions.

  3. terrytibs

    friend of mines dad has this
    friend of mines dad has this sit on top kayak which was good fun when i tried it out. i really like waves but arnt very good and this makes it easy. i like it a lot and maybe think it would turn better if a bit smaller sit on,but still good for me

  4. Alfie

    I have a Calypso Sport which
    I have a Calypso Sport which i purchased earlier this year from South Coast Canoes, they were right, i love it. I paddled lots of boats including the Triumph by Perception but kept coming back to the Calypso, its just much easier to get on with.

  5. Tez Plavenieks

    Went out on the Calypso Sport
    Went out on the Calypso Sport at the weekend during a pretty chilly south coast bluebird day. There was a moderate NW breeze blowing offshore and the low tide session was mirror flat.

    The Calypso Sport is a great all round kayak that covers distance with ease and efficiency and even has traits making it applicable for wavier environments. The best thing is that it drains well and allows for a relatively dry ride – a God send on cold days such as the one in question.

    If you’re looking for a play thing to cover all bases, a beach toy for the family or a serious dude’s kayak for all conditions then you’d do a lot worse than an Islander Calypso Sport.

  6. Mat

    I have to confess to having
    I have to confess to having fallen a little for the Calypso. I got the paddle Islander’s all-rounder at the recent Shore demo weekend , giving me two days of rather varied conditions to try out this cracking little boat. Before the event I had a very different kayak in mind; something longer, sleeker and a little more geared for touring, but at some point over the weekend I found that I only had eyes for the Calypso sport.
    What changed my mind is that the Calypso is SUCH a good all-rounder. It tracks well and is comfortable enough to allow for longer trips, which is what I was looking for. However it also stable, manoeuvrable and even performs much better in surf (of which, we had plenty on day 2) than I expected meaning that I wouldn’t be compromising on fun in favour of distance.
    I’m certainly not claiming that the Calypso tours like a Triumph, Surfs like a Five-o whilst giving the ride of a Tarpon. It does though offer a mix of those traits that appeals to me a great deal.

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