Marcos Mafia launched the Mafia brand with partner Paz back in 2012. The pair aimed to turn used windsurf and kitesurfing cloth into unique, versatile and eye catching bags. After a successful Kickcstarter campaign the company now creates 16 different styles of bag all made from recycled material. This means each product is a bespoke, one of a kind, functional piece of kit. Sitons got its hands on the Mini Mafia stuff sack, billed as the perfect carrier for lunch items, snacks and/or valuables. Looking very much like a brightly coloured dry bag the Mini Mafia is certainly eye catching, but without loss of function. The roll top and security buckle is robust and hard wearing while its outer covering of sail cloth belies the tougher inner lining – peace of mind for anyone stowing their essentials while out paddling. At 3L Mafia’s Mini isn’t going to the choice for long distance excursions – you’ll need to combine with something larger if that’s your aim. It is, however, a likeable size for everyday sojourns with a paddle. We used it for keeping van keys, phone (although this was inside another waterproof pouch – just to be safe) and munchies moisture free.

Mafia Mini Stuff Sack 5
With many sit on kayaks offering internally moulded, small to medium, cockpit hatches the Mafia Mini fits neatly into most of these hidey holes and is therefore a good secondary carrier. It’s not billed as 100% waterproof but having gotten a little damp during our testing its contents stayed dry. We wouldn’t advise submersing expensive items but it certainly does the job for most things you’ll take on the water. The Mafia Mini’s ability to stow extra layers of clothing is pretty neat. As is the case with weather in the UK conditions can take a turn for the worse. On two occasions our shell layer was pulled from the Mini, dry as a bone. Wet clothing is horrible to use so it was nice to find our gear not sopping.

Mafia Mini Stuff Sack 6

Conclusion Mafia’s Mini is a nice little product with a bespoke feel. Made from recycled sail and kite material it goes some way to being environmentally friendly and its functionality can’t be denied. For something not billed as a specific drybag it performs adequately when used in conjunction with internal kayak hatches. Even if lashed to the deck of your kayak its performance is admirable – signs of leakage are rare. Robust – the Mini’s internal material is hard wearing – and able to take a good level of abuse the Mafia Mini would make a good choice for recreational day paddlers who need an eye catching stow bag for essential items.