Whilst I clearly love kayaking, getting changed on stony (or muddy) foreshores and trying to get that harbour mud smell out of my car before the next business trip aren’t my favourite parts. Looking like this season’s must-have fashion accessory (although I appreciate it’s been around for a while), the Frostfire Moonbag is a practical and affordable way to tackle those grumbles. The concept is simple: A changing mat that draws up into a bag to hold your wet attire. Genius in its simplicity, but is it any good? The Moonbag itself is about a metre in diameter. One side is smooth, reasonably heavy duty vinyl. The other side is woven material. Around the outside is a draw-string and there are a couple of handles to allow for easy carrying.

When not in use the whole affair folds up into something about the size of a magazine. When you want to change out of your wet stuff you pop it onto the ground, drop your wet attire to the floor and pull the drawstring to package the whole lot up in one waterproof bundle until you get home. I’ve used my Moonbag on half a dozen trips so far and it has definitely made its way into my regular kit. It is big enough for my wetsuit, boots and buoyancy aid, meaning that I don’t have to mank up the car boot with my wet kit. It seems to be well constructed and showing no signs of damage or wear as yet (quite unlike my car).

Frostfire Moonbag

At £23 the Moonbag is really fairly priced and a great accessory for those of us not lucky enough to own a van or waterside property to change in. Keep an eye on prices at Amazon, as we’ve seen these going for as little as £10. Check availability and prices on Amazon