SealLine products are perfect for sit on kayakers to transport their gear to and from the put in and/or keep essentials dry when out on the water. The two featured in this particular write up are the SealLine heavy duty vinyl duffel bag and 20L roll top dry bags.

SealLine Dry Bag Materials

Both SealLine’s are manufactured from high quality materials. It’s the Discovery Deck Dry Bag (in blue) that’s the hardest wearing, due to its vinyl layering, but the 20L  Discovery Dry Bag is no slouch in this department either. All buckles are robust and the additional straps on the duffel made from heavy duty webbing .

SeaLine dry bag #2

Something that’s pretty nifty with SealLine’s bags is the addition of the PurgeAir patch (for want of a better term). This allows any excess to escape once openings have been rolled down and buckled – great if in rush when unwanted air bulges can form making it difficult to stow later on.

SeaLine dry bag #1

SealLine Dry Bags In Use

Both SealLine bags are able to take large quantities of gear. In no frills fashion (i.e. without any additional inner pockets or pouches) you can load up both carriers. Packing sensibly is a requirement but as long as you employ common sense you shouldn’t have any issues. Able to take knocks and bumps, without puncturing or picking up holes, they both cope with a fair bit of abuse.

The white Discovery dry bag is the one we’d choose to chuck in our boat and use for ferrying of gear when on the water. Being slightly lighter it’s perfectly primed. The strapped Discovery Deck bag would therefore be our choice for stowing essentials on land. Sitons found it a good one for transporting damp gear after paddling sessions. Roll up your wetty or drysuit, chuck inside, and keep your vehicle moisture free.

PuregAir patch

SeaLine dry bags

That said we can also see this fitting in well during adventure/touring paddles. When you need a product up to the rigours of being thrown around muddy river banks or sandy beaches – possibly being submerged at times – we’d definitely be calling on the duffel for keeping our most valuable items dry (spare clothing and food for instance). Both have their place and are super useful.



SealLine dry bags are rugged, robust and top drawer products that offer solutions for a variety of different paddling situations. The Discovery Deck dry bag, with its additional carry straps, is arguably the harder wearing of the two and therefore better suited to environments where serious scrapes may occur. While no slouch the Discovery dry bag roll top would be our choice for storing quickly to hand essentials. The PurgeAir release valve is a nifty and unique feature and we’d be happy (and confident) taking valuables afloat with either of SealLine’s dry bags.



The Discovery Dry Bag (5L-50L) £18.00-£50.00
The Discovery Deck Dry Bag (10L-50L) £36.00-£60.00