If you want to know just how fast and what distance you have travelled then there’s no better tool for the job than the Genie GT-31 GPS.

Specifically designed with this exact purpose in mind, the GT-31 will leave you with little doubt as to just how quick you can paddle.


The Genie GT-31 has its pedigree entrenched more commonly in sail sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing but that’s not to say that it isn’t applicable to those of you interested in breaking speed paddling records either.

In fact, for this type of paddling the GT-31 is the mutts nuts and, although you’ll never travel as fast with a sit on kayak as you will in a boat, those muscle bound guerrillas amongst us can still clock some impressive speeds – and with the Genie you can now prove it.


The GT-31 is reliable with its one touch control and once strapped to your arm or stowed in a pocket the lightweight nature of the unit made it forgettable. (For added waterproof protection it may be advisable to get hold of an arm band Aquapac pouch).

Plotting a course and recording times is a doddle and with its long battery life (giving up to 46 hours usage with the backlight turned off) indulging in a bit of touring paddling up and down the coast is no problem.

The GT-31’s various settings are – average speed, top speed, distance covered, overall distance covered and trip time. You can set alarms for reaching certain speeds or approaching certain points.

The display is clear allowing you to note what heading you’re on, what the bearing is, departure time, arrival time and distance to the next point on your trip – this can also help if you are thinking about paddling at night and adds an added element of safety cover.

Grid references are supported for the Genie – including the OSGB grid reference format, specifically for the UK.


The software you can use once back at home will allow you to plot the exact course you paddled and then, if you so wish, you can upload to the internet and let the world observe your achievement.

One thing of note with the Genie is that you will need to get an SD card so that you can store your info, as the on-board memory is small.

Before use it’s definitely worth adding some extra charge – whether you think you will need it or not – as it would be a shame to not have all your data on returning to base.


The Genie Gt-31 GPS model is a nifty bit of kit that has a multitude of different uses. This versatility makes it particularly appealing to those paddlers who participate in other types of water sports as well as kayaking.

With its intuitive interface and usability the GT-31 is an affordable and useful tool for those into clocking how fast the can paddle and/or how much distance they can cover.