ECOXBT Bluetooth Waterproof Shock Resistant Speaker

Having musical entertainment while paddling is not for everyone. Those looking for accompanying tunes though will find fulfilment with ECOXGear’s waterproof, shock resistant and funky looking Bluetooth music box.

With an easy to attach carbine clip the ECOXBT waterproof  speaker can be tethered to any fixed point on your sit on top kayak – most likely the embedded D rings. Connecting to your smart phone requires an additional waterproof pouch (that you trust!) as the range of the Bluetooth isn’t enough to leave your ‘player’ ashore. There are a number of device protectors on the market which should provide ample watertight housing for your smart phone. Sound quality from the speaker is good for the type of product and volume is loud enough to make tunes heard over moderate breeze and weather. Some quiet locations might not be applicable for broadcasting your sounds and therefore the ECOXBT is best for paddlers who are kayaking in open water or those in a group – all with similar musical tastes.

ECOXBT Waterproof Speaker 1


For touring, distance paddling or general recreational kayaking the ECOXBT is great for those want who sounds on the go. Once clipped in place the speaker won’t move about too much and therefore handles a few bumps without clunking about the deck of your boat. If you’re thinking of heading into waves then this is a different story. White water, rollers slamming into you and the ever constant risk of being dumped means the ECOXBT isn’t really applicable to using in a surf environment. Other riders probably won’t thank you for disturbing the peace either!

ECOXBT Waterproof Speaker 2


Back on flatter water and there’s nothing wrong with floating along to the ambience of whatever musical genre gets you going. In some cases the sounds of thumping bass (for instance) could spur you on to paddle harder, longer and faster?


ECOXGear’s ECOXBT waterproof speaker is a nifty product that will suit those looking for musical accompaniment during their flat water paddle sessions. Easily secured to your boat and robust enough to take a few knocks, that are inevitable as part of kayaking, it’s a great way to take your tunes with you. For those not into paddling then use it at the beach without risk of your speaker getting saltwater logged.

ECOXBT Waterproof Speaker 3


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