Now here’s a nifty little gadget that allows you to waterproof your iPod Nano or Shuffle without the aid of encasing your mp3 player in any kind of H2O resistant housing – perfect then for sit-on kayak shenanigans.

WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 1

For the paddler wanting some tunes while on the move, this simple and uniquely engineered process could see you stroking to the beat in no time.


WaterFi take standard iPod Shuffle’s or Nano’s and coat each of the internal components with a water resistant membrane. This means that your music player is waterproofed from the inside out.

The company guarantee that your device will not leak over time or wear out and the coating process won’t interfere with your gadgets functionality or operation.

All the features of your iPod will remain intact once the process is complete, meaning you should be able to enjoy years of siton kayak audio without the risk of destroying your player through water damage.


Once your iPod has been water proofed you will need to purchase additional headphones as the ones that Apple supply are most definitely not up to being submersed in water.

There are plenty of alternatives available – it all just depends on how much extra you want to spend and how good an audio sound you want to achieve.

It’s worth noting that your iPod is 100% water proof after the process is complete. However, research from WaterFi has shown that if the dock pins remain wet then they will corrode over time.

To prevent this the company advise that you will need to place the rubber dock plugs in the dock before contact with water – and always dry the dock after use.


It seems strange at first submersing a product that you’ve spent a significant amount of readies on – and yet after the initial reluctance you realise it does indeed work.

WaterFi Waterproof iPod Shuffle 2

Once initial reservations have been put at bay your confidence levels improve and before long you’ll be paddling away happily to the sounds of Steps, or whatever your musical preference happens to be!

With the two options being Nano’s or Shuffles, both players are totally forgettable due to their compact nature – the water proofing just adds to the experience.

For long distance, having your tunes blasting helps you to keep your stroke rate up and burn the miles – while in the surf an extra bit of aggression is induced with a Metallica track filling your ears. That top turn has never looked so dynamic.

One word of warning though – if you’re heading into a surf environment then make sure your iPod is secure. Waves can batter you about and, if not properly attached, then your player can be ripped away from you quicker than a blink of the eye.


After every salt water dunking you will need to rinse off your product with fresh, clean water. This will avoid any type of salty corrosion and prolong your device’s life span.

When connecting up to your laptop, charger port or dock, make sure that all water residue has been removed – it’s easy to forget this fact!


After using the WaterFi engineered Nano for some time, and in various wet situations, it’s now something that can’t be done without.

Who would have believed that we would be paddling around with our tunes pumping with no risk to our music player whatsoever?

The WaterFi Nano has indeed been a revelation for all our paddling exploits – any discerning music fan paddler should own one of these. You won’t regret it.


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