Oxygen Drop is a Greek paddle sports clothing company whose main aim is to promote paddling culture through its range of funky apparel. Founder and owner, Makis Kortesis has gathered together a dynamic group of individuals who are enthusiastic about paddle sports right across the board. Kayaking, rafting and SUP are all fair game for the Oxygen Drop crew and if you subscribe to a paddlers way of life then you can now wear your heart on your sleeve, literally.


Tearing away the packaging revealed two high quality t-shirts emblazoned with uniquely identifiable images and logos. Having a paddle and/or paddler on your chest will leave onlookers in little doubt as to how you spend your free time. We were sent the Wave Line and Vortex Ts which look the business in stealth black and feature bold murals splashed across the chest. There’s a slight edginess to each design, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but the www.sitons.com crowd loved them!

Oxygen Drop Kayakers T-shirts 3


Oxygen Drop t-shirts are supremely comfortable with 100% cotton material feeling soft against your skin. Both garments fit snuggly (we tried the medium) in a modern and flattering style. If you happen to be on the larger side then as long as you get the sizing correct Oxygen Drop clothing will flatter your shape. Wearing one of these t-shirts at the beach/river allows you to stand out from the crowd as there aren’t too many kayaking clothing companies manufacturing garments promoting pure paddling attitude. Plenty of companies produce technical clothing but this isn’t what Oxygen Drop are about. This gear is for pre-paddling or après sessions in your local watering hole where style and comfort is key. Interest in these Ts was definitely spiked in other paddler’s minds with plenty of curiosity and questions flowing. Watersports/action sports enthusiast love to be identified by the clothes they wear and as a paddler you’ll easily stand out from the pack in an Oxygen Drop garment.


The problem with a lot of t-shirts and clothing in general is that after a few washes, colours and prints tend to fade leaving each item looking less than new. We only put these t-shirts through the rinse cycle once but they lost none of their vibrancy, colour or shape which proves just how high the quality of the materials are. When it comes to care of Oxygen Drop products it states quite clearly on the label that you should wash and iron making sure they’re inside out otherwise the printed images will foul or melt if a hot iron is run over them.


If you’re an active paddling type and fancy promoting this fact to the world then grabbing yourself an Oxygen Drop t-shirt is one way of achieving this. Featuring stylish looks, a modern fit and quality materials Oxygen Drop apparel is perfect for those lazy sunny days in between kayaking sessions or mixing it up in the bar after your H2O fix. For more info check out http://www.oxygendrop.com/