Now that air temperatures are dropping (even with a sublime Indian Summer in the mix as we write) it’s time to start considering your paddling attire. To state the obvious no longer is it fine to be wearing shorts and tee for paddling. To be honest even during warmer periods, with wind chill and other factors in effect, most sensible sit on kayakers will have be wearing some sort of protection – even if at a minimum.

It’s important to realise, however, that as much as you need to fend of the elements paddlers also need to be utilising the right gear. Enter Palm Equipment’s Atlas paddling jacket which is designed with layering in mind.

Palm Atlas Jacket 2

First off we have to say the styling and attention to detail is awesome. Once adorned you’ll notice a higher cut underneath the arms which has been factored in for paddling movements. As such there’s loads of room when extending through each paddle stroke. Deep breast placed pockets allow for all manner of paraphernalia to be carried and with the addition of YKK splash proof zippers your belongings have more chance of staying dry (if partnered with waterproof pouches for instance).

The rear of the Atlas jacket is tapered to ensure maximum coverage of your behind whilst the sleeves have a secure inner seal with cut aways on the outer fabric to avoid this area of the jacket getting snarled up when moving. A functional and efficient peaked hood will fend off rain and such whilst the whole garment is manufactured in 2.5 waterproof layered fabric. All in Palm deliver a top notch shell jacket that looks the biz and performs amazingly.

Palm Atlas Jacket

Worn in tandem with base layers, fleece mid-section and possibly a third garment it’ll keep you toasty warm and dry to boot. Plus for added versatility it’s a jacket that wouldn’t look out of place should you choose to wear it away from the water. In fact, Palm state as much on their website citing the Atlas to be a top performer for MTB and dry land sports also.


Here at Sitons we love Palm Equipment’s Atlas jacket. It’s a worthy addition to any paddler’s kit box and delivers exactly what you need in terms of off season weather protection. Chuck in additional benefits of it fitting everyday scenarios whilst not afloat and you have a cost effective piece of apparel that looks the biz to boot.


RRP: £139.95