Palm Equipment summer paddling water wear – first look

We’ve had a bout of warm sunny weather already during the early part of UK summer 2015. It won’t be long before thermometer readings ramp up further and donning rubber will be a distant memory. But what do you wear when paddling in the sunshine – at home or abroad? Here’s a first look at a few of Palm Equipment Europe’s summer water wear garments for when the mercury rises again.


The Kaituna Neo-flex rashie is a long-standing favourite of ours here at Sitons. Perfect for those days when there’s enough heat to shed the wetty but a thin layer of cover is still required. Super comfy and easy to forget when paddling (in a good way) the Palm Kaituna is great as a stand alone garment or one you can wear underneath a summer wetsuit.


Palm’s Horizon boardies are a nifty addition to any sit on paddlers wardrobe. Looking stylish and funky on the outside with wind proof shell fending off sea breeze the inside hides a soft fleece liner that secures and adds an insulating barrier. A neoprene waistband keeps the Horizon short firmly in place, even when paddling in waves or over bumps, and the ample roomy pocket gives a place to store bits and bobs.

Palm Equipment Water Wear 3


The waffle constructed Setti longsleeve base top layer is another Sitons favourite for paddling. It’s actually a garment we wear regular beneath our surface immersion suits (drysuit). When the weather hots up, however, it’s perfect for wearing simply as is. Make no mistake, the Setti isn’t an neoprene garment – such as the Kaituna rashvest – and yet, it’s still perfectly applicable for rising temperature paddling, even if only to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Paddling footwear has previously been limited to wetsuit neoprene style boots, which although fine, aren’t always that practical or stylish. Enter Palm Equipment’s Camber wet/dry shoe. A cracking pair of foot hammocks that can be worn in the drink as well as on land – straight from the brine to bar; perfect!  Stay tuned for more on all of Palm Equipment’s gear over the coming weeks. In the meantime check out their site for more paddling goodies –