The distinctive looking Bic Ouassou is a fun, versatile sit-on-top that is designed with the leisure kayak market firmly in mind. The Ouassou’s spatula shaped hull, derived from surf long boards and rodeo kayaks, makes it ideally suited for beach play and use in surf as well as making the Ouassou responsive, stable and very manoeuvrable in most conditions. The compact size and integral handles make the Ouassou easy to move and store, further adding to it’s appeal as a great beach or starter sit on.

BIC Ouassou Features

  • Drinks Holder
  • Fittings for Knee Straps
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Integrated Cushioned seat
  • Scuppers

BIC Ouassou Details

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
Bic Sport KayaksStandard2.60m0.78m18.00kg110.00kgSolo
  • Stability 90% 90%
  • Straightline 25% 25%
  • Maneuverability 75% 75%
  • Comfort 80% 80%
  • Build 80% 80%


  1. Tez Plavenieks

    BIC’s Ouassou is a bit of a chameleon shape that some how is great for beginners who just want to mess about at the beach, river or lake, while offering a level of maneuverability and performance that’s great for paddlers looking to smash about in waves.

    A comfortable paddling position and stable hull inspires confidence in newbies while advanced paddlers will love the flicky nature of the Ouassou.

    Covering distance is a bit of a chore as the nose tends to wander – this is ultimately the pay off for being short and turny. If you’re thinking of heading off touring then maybe a different, longer design would be more applicable.

    For everyday kayaking needs though the Ouassou works a treat.

  2. Daniel Callis

    My most recent experience with the Ouassou was against the wave paddling back into the shore after an hour and a half session, when me and my colleagues swapped boats. I have to say it was very tough work going against the wave seeing as I was already very knackered. It’s also not great for straightlining, and I found myself having adjust my direction of travel constantly.

    However, as a minimal feature kayak with no where to store keys/phone/drink/etc, it’s clear long trips out on the water are not the Ouassou’s strong point. I have also previously used the Ouassou close to shore on fairly choppy water and it’s not too bad.

    I will give it credit where it’s due – it is in fact the first ever kayak I went out on the water on. If you are a nervous first timer just looking to see if kayaking might be for you and build confidence, the Ouassou is incredibly stable and you’d have a job to throw yourself off! It’s also not too uncomfortable without a clip on seat, compared to say the Fatyak Kaafu which had my lower back screaming in pain after 10 minutes.

    As a family toy to go in and out the water for brief and relaxing laps across the shore line, the Ouassou is great value and you could buy a worse kayak for the job. But for anyone looking to get a bit more serious with their paddling, it’s worth looking for something a bit more suited.

  3. Jon

    I chose the Ouassou as a beginner’s kayak and because it has the jump seat at the front.

    I am pleased with the purchase . On flat water, it is a great toy for pre teens to play on (3 at a time), behaves reasonably in large waves (although it is very hard to catch when you fall out) and can be used by an adult for a gentle paddle around – it is very wide and stable.

    On the downside, it is quite heavy so really takes 2 to get it onto the beach.

  4. Paddy

    I am approx 15st and think the Ouassou handles well in most waters. Can even carry my 3st son with me comfortably. It is disappointing in breaking waves and while surfing as the nose tends to dive into the foot of the wave. It doesn’t ride oncoming waves for the same reason.

  5. Jim B

    The Ouasso is an absolute hoot, and a great first time kayak. If you live near a beach and can hold a paddle then you really should have an Ouasso.

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