The RTM Mid-Way is a racy, elegant and high performance sit on paddling machine. It incorporates the performance of more traditional sea kayaks – smooth paddling and speed – with those of the more recreational orientated sit on style – comfort, stability, safety. If you are into covering distance, touring or adventure type paddling then the Mid Way will suit your needs perfectly. It’s also a good choice for those who fancy dabbling in a spot of spear fishing, offering a great platform for storing your day’s catch. If you’re a scuba diver the rear storage space can be used to store your scuba tank & fins.


  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Fittings for Knee Straps
  • Grab Lines
  • Integrated Carry Handles
  • Integrated Cushioned Seat
  • Storage Hatch
  • Stowing Mesh


ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating



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  1. Alan Reeves

    The Dag Midway is the best
    The Dag Midway is the best boat im come across and have tried quite a few.I find the Midway to be fast not too heavy and full of useful features.Its slim for a sitotop so maybe try before buy if a newbie.The Midway will almost sit on its side before it tips you off due to its design.Mine came with the carl system which is a bracing aid some thing to brace your knees against.This really is a great kayak if you get chance give one a try.

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