All round kayaking fun – Perception Scooter review

Perception’s Scooter is a sit on top kayak that’s been around for a while. Arguably one of the more recognisable designs the Scooter has its legion of fans and is a common sight at many put in spots. This year Perception have given the Scooter a different set of stripes and upgraded their colour ways to include glacier white, purple haze and tropical zest (the one we tested).

Perception Scooter 1

First look

Out of the box Perception’s Scooter is a boat typifying the sit on top kayaking experience. A svelte and highly rockered nose leads to a well thought out and manufactured cockpit. Considering its size, There’s even reasonable storage in the aft tank well – on paper the Scooter is a benchmark sit on.

Perception Scooter 2

Perception have gone to great lengths engineering the Scooter as a robust and versatile sled. What appears simple in design actually has a great deal of thought behind it. For instance: Perception don’t just slap on heated plastic during the moulding process. Their powder mix is a closely guarded recipe, which has been hit upon after countless hours of R&D, and one which they’re confident delivers a top end product.

Perception Scooter 3

And then there’s the moulding process itself. Roto moulding is the act of circulating heated plastic inside a closed mould. The idea is to get an even coating of material across all areas. Perception, however, take this one step further and actually control the amount of plastic that’s pasted on – layering more across key sections. This means knocks and dings are kept at bay and the end user has a kayak that will stand the test of time. Looking sexy in tropical zest all on board fittings are embedded solidly and the Scooter gives the impression of quality from the get go. Top notch fixtures and fittings

To the put in!

At 20kg the Perception Scooter is fairly light for a sit on. Transporting to your put in may also require a trolley. If you’re burley enough then moulded handles are positioned correctly for hoisting the Scooter onto shoulders. When heading for the beach it’s possible to drag across the sand (or shingle) as plastic is resistant to scuffing. To keep your boat tip top, however, it’s always best to carry, if possible, or wheel it over rough ground.

Perception Scooter 4

The ride

Jumping aboard the Scooter feels secure, even in choppy conditions – its composed nature allows for easy mounting. Although stable there’s a lively personality bubbling under the surface that can be detected before you’ve paddled a stroke. Akin to a frisky Jack Russell the Scooter is poised to tackle most conditions Stable and composed Chucked at everything from flat water, to moderate chop and small wavelets the Scooter’s test grounds were predominantly coastal. The high riding nose and pronounced rocker cuts a groove through flotsam in an efficient manner – the Scooter’s keel spine, running the length of the underbelly, helps the boat track straight and true. You’re likely to get a little damp in the Scooter (after all this is a sit on kayak), especially if you’re missioning less than flat water. The cockpit, however, stays relatively dry with scuppers draining away excessive fluid efficiently. Deflecting annoying over topping wavelets the gunnels do a spiffing job where other not so well thought out kayaks fall down.

Perception Scooter 5

If you’re looking to stow gear there’s ample room in the aft tank well for a healthy swag of essentials. An upfront hatch also allows smaller belongings to be hidden away. There’s a storage compartment for keeping valuables safe up front but if you have sensitive items, like smartphones, then don’t forget to put them in a suitable dry bag. Forward storage hatch

Turn ‘n’ burn

It’s easy to believe sit on to kayaks all feel the same and serve up minimal performance. Yet the Scooter has its own individual personality – in this case it just loves to be edged, spun, turned and manoeuvred. Twirlin’ and whirlin’ Having tested Perception’s surf specific boat, the 5-0 a while ago, the wave performance of the Scooter is similar, if not quite as full on – it’s easy to spot the evolution and both have comparable traits. For recreational kayak surfers the Scooter will scratch that wave itch while remaining the perfect tool for mellower days with the family.

Perception Scooter 6

More on top

Perception’s Scooter has plenty of all round performance to tap into. Other boats will cover distance more efficiently – the brand’s Triumph 13 is one such boat. But the Scooter’s straight lining shouldn’t be sniffed at. Eating up miles is still a possibility and heading off on touring missions is perfectly applicable. Covering ground If casting a line and reeling in a big ‘un is more your bag then opportunities to trick out your sled are available – the Scooter has plenty of accessories available to pimp your ride. As with touring potential, there are better boats if you’re wanting to specialise in kayak fishing – for straddling disciplines the Scooter works fine.

Perception Scooter 7


The Perception Scooter is a benchmark classic sit on top kayak design that offers bags of performance across a varied range of areas. Comfortable and efficient for novices with enough personality that higher level paddlers can unlock. Coming in a variety of eye catching candy colours, sporting durable and robust fittings and competitively priced, the Scooter is a great sit on top kayak that all paddlers can enjoy.


The Perception Scooter is now manufactured by Wave Sport Kayaks & is called the Wave Sport Scooter.

Perception Scooter FEATURES

  • Drain Plug
  • Fittings for Backrest
  • Fittings for Knee Straps
  • Integrated Carry Handles

Perception Scooter DETAILS

ManufacturerHull TypeLengthWidthWeightMax LoadSeating
Perception KayaksStandard2.95m0.72m20kg150kgSolo


RRP:£499 – BUY FOR £379



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