Germany’s annual paddle sports industry gathering – Paddle Expo in Nuremberg – takes place next month and is where many of the kayaking industry will unveil new toys, air their wares and highlight their extensive catalogues of kayak, canoe and SUP paraphernalia. A platform for paddling sport and associated businesses, Paddle Expo 2013 supports the industry by remaining a trade only event that serves to strengthen this sector of the outdoors market.

Who’s there?

This year’s Paddle Expo is set to be the biggest yet with many European brands and companies making the trek to Nuremberg.
Sitons’ good friends Perception Kayaks will be exhibiting alongside Hurricane Kayaks, Islander, Pelican and many more. UK based The Paddler digital magazine will also be putting in a showing and checking out what’s hot. You’ll no doubt get a full report on how they found the soiree in one of their future issues.

Products on display

There’ll be plenty on show at Paddle Expo 2013 – all those spangly new toys are enough to whet every aficionado’s appetites. Paddles, kayaks, canoes, inflatables, SUPs, clothing, safety kit, fashion, books, magazines, websites and trolleys will all be featured at this year’s show. If you like new kit then it’s certainly one for the magpies out there.

Paddle Expo - 2013 preview 7

There will also be an indoor pool that will have displays going on throughout the duration of the event. For those visitors who are lucky enough then there could be the chance to try out some new gear as well.

Guest speakers and workshops

During the Paddle Expo event a constant flow of industry professionals and sponsored paddlers, designers, manufacturers and kayak industry players will be giving chats and interviews that anyone is welcome to listen in on.

Paddle Expo - 2013 preview 8

Imparting their lifelong knowledge, experiences and discussing all things paddling; this is when many folks will glean those all-important tit bits of information that gives insight into a pro paddler’s life or highlights the secret ingredient that makes a specific boat or blade so special. There will also be workshops on offer throughout the event where you’ll be able to go along and find out about various aspects of paddling. In particular this year’s exhibition will feature kayak fishing heavily.

Party time!

But it’s not all work with no play at Paddle Expo. There will be a number of different parties, both unofficial and official. Exhibitions are usually quite social affairs and there’ll be no shortage of people wanting to let their hair down a little at the end of each day. Slaving away on a hot stand for hours is thirsty work!

Summing up

Paddle Expo has slowly gained a reputation as being one of the highlights on the European paddle sports calendar. This year will be no different with much of the industry in attendance.

Paddle Expo - 2013 preview 9

If you can’t make it to Paddle Expo 2013 then you’ll have to wait until next year. Instead all the gossip and news will filter out, we’ve no doubt, for weeks after the curtain drops on the this year’s get together. You can find out more about Paddle Expo 2013 by visiting *** Images courtesy Paddle Expo